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  1. Remorseless

    Remorseless' Signature Thread

    For GetNuked
  2. Remorseless

    Random lulz and screenshots from the past

    Dang! Golden days!!!
  3. Remorseless


    I got 1 for 8b
  4. Remorseless

    Remorseless' Signature Thread

    Glad you liked it!
  5. Remorseless

    Remorseless' Signature Thread

    For Latte.
  6. Remorseless

    Remorseless' Signature Thread

    For Hope.
  7. Remorseless

    New here and stopping by to say hello!

    It's okay not to be okay. Welcome to the server!
  8. Remorseless

    Halloween Event 2020 - [ENDED]

    I totally agree with this and I just don't really get these ppl who are still ungrateful with what they are getting in the event. Back in the day when the only way to level up your elite level is by joining the HHH/PVP and you will consider yourself lucky if you would be able to at least get 100-200 per kills per day (no Division existing yet) and now, all we need is just less than 10 days of 'not-so-hardcore' farming and you will have your very own Elite 4 Character (with max level division glove). Sometimes, all we need is to be thankful and grateful enough that they still manage to give us this perhaps the 'most generous event' even though we could barely provide their one and only request from us which is to "write/renew our reviews in RMS".
  9. Remorseless

    Remorseless' Signature Thread

    Hi there! Yes, I am still accepting commissioned works. Hit me up in game Hasta La Mµerte (µ = alt+998)
  10. Remorseless

    Halloween Event 2020 - [ENDED]

    Everything depends on the player's perspective and I wouldn't blame them for that if it is somehow affecting their 'moral' by just pawning them by these 'OP pro players' which I even considered to be not one of those. Again, SOH is already like a giveaway for everyone whenever there is a seasonal event and it is all up to people on how they would get it.
  11. Remorseless

    Halloween Event 2020 - [ENDED]

    I get your point but the thing here is, if you are basically aiming for the SOH and you think that zeph farming isn't still enough, you still have so much options to obtain more rather than doing zeph. I know that perhaps 'fun' isn't siding with the newbies when doing BG but remember, you are aiming for the SOH and if I were a newbie, I wouldn't mind dying in BG as long as I am getting what I need. In BG, you win something, you lose nothing and it is like "50% of something is better than 100% of nothing." Don't let those kind of stuff barred you from reaching your goal in the game which is again, aiming for "SOH". Some people would disagree on this and I know some will not.
  12. Remorseless

    Halloween Event 2020 - [ENDED]

    But hey, the event has just started and we still have 30 days to earn more tokens and besides, there are so much ways to obtain like in BG where you can get atleast 15 even when you lose and in a day, you could get atleast 1.5k-2k coins by just doing the DQ and BG without those zeph thing. SOH is already like a seasonal giveaway since you could easily get it by just farming and without the actual hardships which would require you so much time rather than farming for a little while.
  13. Remorseless

    Remorseless' Signature Thread

    Thanks bud!!! Now open for an new project but no heavily-animated one this time since I am still recovering lol
  14. Remorseless

    Remorseless' Signature Thread

    Project for rad
  15. Remorseless

    Remorseless' Signature Thread

    Just a tribute for my beloved server! Feel free to use it!