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  1. @HaZe can you make "sending email when someone comments to content I follow" toggle-able? It's annoying the shit out of me to constantly get spammed by emails.


  2. Contemplated making a come back. Logs in, hacked, checked IP, taken by Rhi. Guess it's out again for me

    1. GM Freia

      GM Freia

      I can help u with it, send me a msg.

    2. Xero
  3. Guess who's back? Back again.

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    2. Aan


      @Eve Inget dong kk Lisa, kuyla onlen ada ivan juga wkwk di go geffen

    3. Zerro
    4. Eluminare


      For fuck sake u agan? LOL

  4. Xero

    It's Time to Wake Up Dreamers

    Before Renewal patch : PLS GIVE RENEWAL NO DORAM NO WATER BREATH DED GAEM After Renewal patch : RENEWAL IS BAD REVERT TO PRE-RE. People will never be satisfied.
  5. Xero

    Energy Coat Bug?

    Renewal Energy Coat reduces all sources of damage except Land Mines iirc. https://irowiki.org/wiki/Energy_Coat
  6. Xero

    SN bug?

    LOL. Some people have missing stats, looks like you found them.
  7. Xero

    Replay System

  8. Xero


    I think they went 500 VIT + Willow cards to test. Not sure.
  9. Changelog: Updated : 30th June 2017 by Xero Updated price, removed egg spoiler : 1st September 2017 by Kyrie You can use CTRL+F to search for your keywords in this section. Let us know if it's missing anything or there's an updated price. Note that all prices are merely guidelines and not hard prices. Update is based on the price fluctuations seen these past few weeks. I. Headgears Top Headgear Middle Headgear Lower Headgears II. Cards III. Weapons IV. Armors, Garments, Shields, and Shoes V. Supplies and Others VI. QUEST ITEMS VII. ACCESORIES VIII. MINERALS
  10. Xero

    Xero's Q & A

    Hey guys =) It's the place where you can ask anything about Dreamer. I will try my best to update this regularly. Feel free to ask me anything on Dreamer <3 Try to make your questions as detailed as possible. For example, if you want to make some fast zeny : Bad question : " How to make zeny?" Good question : "I have ____ items and ___ character, what should I do to make zeny?" Note that beggars, trolls and idiots will not be entertained.