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  1. Insanity333

    2019 Balancing Patch #2

    Sorry sir will do!!!
  2. Insanity333

    2019 Balancing Patch #2

    I agree with HaZe We needed change in the Meta to keep it fresh like all the other games. a Static game dies have you seen all the games that are not updating their META? Being Static is bad for the game and in life.
  3. Insanity333

    Dreamer RO Christmas 2018 [ Finish ]

    PLEASE DO a 2x Credit event too I will donate $300 thanks!
  4. Insanity333

    Dreamer RO Christmas 2018 [ Finish ]

    can we make the Christmas music box storable ! thanks
  5. Insanity333

    Dreamer RO Christmas 2018 [ Finish ]

    @Sadie can we make the Christmas Music Box Storable in storage I made it in my ranger character and its worthless right now. its stuck! there was no description about it so It was a little misleading about its effect please and thank you
  6. Insanity333

    Elite Weapon Expert

    can I earn heroic coins through STP?
  7. Insanity333

    cards and more

    it will drop prices of the real hunted cards so its a bad idea!
  8. Insanity333

    Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sales

    can you sell the individual sword of destiny for zennies or dtoks its so hard to get. with heroic coins especially when PVP is dead and BG is dead....
  9. Insanity333

    Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sales

    will the legendary set be ever be sold through D.Toks?
  10. Insanity333

    Halloween Rare Release!

    are these account bound?
  11. Insanity333

    Make Rangers Great Again

    Rangers got Nerfed so hard. any class out class a ranger these days + ranged damage reduce cards/item (almost 80% of damage gone) lucky dodge etc. can we at least revive the auto warg on pvp reduce the disable effect so they can be useful again and have a breather cause once other classes gets their range in to kill the ranger they can easily be killed.