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    Fritas Zone

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    Fritas Zone

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    Fritas Zone

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    Fritas Zone

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    Trey's Market..

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    Fritas Zone

    SELLING +9 HALF ANGEL VALK HELM 25b +8 Juggernaut Armor 70b +4 Abbadon shadow armor 55b +4 Claytos earthquake armor 55b +10 Valkyrie Shield 12b GEM OF BOLTS 10b EDEN'S JUDGEMENT 15b BLUE FAIRY 20b Nydhoug Shadow Card 15b Malevolent shadow Card 25b Thanatos 2b Atroce card 1b Fallen Bishop Hibram 1b Golden Thief Bug 1b Lord Knight Card 4 Villainous Card 7b Valkyrie randrigs card 1b Trading: EDEN'S JUDGEMENT for 1pc PURE ELUNIUM PM ME INGAME IF IM UP OR MESSAGE ME HERE IGN: Fritas II
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    Xero Selling Juls' Items

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    Buying & Selling - Faith's Corner

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    B>Gem of Sight

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