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  1. iNeoson

    Hello All Dreamers

    Hi All, Its been a while since I left this Server / Game. I found out that there tones of update that I need to catch-up with. If we used to WOE/BG/PVP last time feels free to hit me up. Ign iNeoson (GX - quit) or Prince Royale (AB). And.... what's your IGN at that time? Stay safe guys
  2. iNeoson


    Hello Kailya WB. Just wonder are you into the Banner Competition this year?
  3. iNeoson

    Banner Creation Contest 2020

    Everything was fine until i saw the rules : "It must be BETTER than our "Current banners" shown on the samples below" The current banner was very nice tbh, a bit hard to top that ho~~