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  1. TheRealCulden

    Kinship! :D

    Since I got a new computer, im gonna try and get this going again. Not sure if maybe I can rebuild Kinship or start something fresh... perhaps this is of the past.
  2. TheRealCulden

    Kinship! :D

    I think I'm still alive. Now you got me thinking. Did I even type that, and if you are the only one who responded, that must mean your still alive too. Anyone else alive?
  3. TheRealCulden

    Kinship! :D

    I haven't played the game is about 7 or 8 years but I still check back from time to time. Can't help it for some reason.
  4. TheRealCulden

    Kinship! :D

    Glad to see people still posting here. I want to play again but every pc i get i cant get the game running... Ill try again soon though, in the meantime im just raising my little gummy bears. Right now they are still as small and weak as porings but hopefully soon i can start the gummy overlord training. I hope this server is still here when they are older so they can enjoy this game too. I gotta drop by more often. I hope you are all doing well.