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  1. megakillz

    Price Check +10 WWS (3/3/3)

    80-100 max
  2. megakillz


    buy?sell? if sell ill buy lol
  3. megakillz

    Buying Complete Elite Stone

    am selling not buying
  4. agree no zeny. reducing DQ/HQ requirements is not helping, its just make people even lazier to farm/do zeph quest. for halloween event: i hope there will be new sprites, new pets, or make the "tao scrolls" available to exchange.. so it might solve the tao scroll 'jealousy'
  5. megakillz

    Buying Complete Elite Stone

    20b for complete stones
  6. is it just me or a lot of people didnt notice that quest item "sage ring" has better effect than donation item "enchanted diamond dust"?

    1. Friday05


      well some skills dont work with atk or matk % and vice versa LOL

    2. verrdii


      It depends on the skill so i cant say sage ring > enchanted diamond dust

    3. Seamless


      Generally, yes. But as they say, some skill damages cannot be increased by atk/matk. On the other hand, edd is a very old donation item, so it is quite outdated.

  7. megakillz

    Wondering Gon harassment

    obvious answer, lack of active staff(GM) whose actively punish people who violates the rules. another example, look at vending spot, there are a lot of people who are vending "on the spot" but still there for weeks, even if GM on, they don't do anything or just make them DC instead of jail.
  8. please make a revamp for the donation eq "enchanted diamond dust" because this sage ring has better effect and obtainable from quest npc

  9. megakillz

    Screenshot Event [August 2020]

    Winning a dice event:
  10. megakillz

    [QoL] Client Changes

    @HaZe just update the most recent ones and got this problem, it was fine before the update
  11. megakillz

    Coronavirus Event [ 2nd Wave ]

    you can only exchange donation credit not donation token
  12. megakillz

    Coronavirus Event [ 2nd Wave ]

    what about add zeny/donation token on the corona shop? lol xD
  13. megakillz

    BG and PVP Class Feedback

    ranger is useful just only during treasure hunter automated event, other than that, nahh...
  14. megakillz

    Refine failure experience

    what is your worst refine failure experience? lemme share mine, i never used pure elu because there's no fun of it just broke my +4 to +5 obelisk shield using enrich elu, 90% success they said...