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  1. megakillz

    Buy WWS

  2. megakillz

    Buy WWS

  3. megakillz

    Buy WWS

  4. megakillz

    Forge Failing

    maybe its just a bad luck, same with me bro when im refining stuffs from +4 to +5 which has 90% success rate and my worst experience was failed 5 items in straight (ez 80b lost)
  5. megakillz

    Buy WWS

    Buying 1. +10/9 White Wing Manteau with 3 Good/Max Enchants (Atk,hp is prioritized) 2. +10/9 White Wing Boots with 3 Good/Max Enchants (HP/str/dex is prioritized) 3. White Wing Brooch with 2 Good/Max Enchants (double HP/HP+mdef) Tell me your price here or IGN: LightningStrife/AlwaysAboutMagic
  6. megakillz

    [Updated] Price Check Thread

    all i know that all +0~4 temporals only arond 80~85b, while for +8 it's around 180~220b
  7. megakillz

    not getting daily token

    i didnt get any daily token after finishing the quest, what happened? how to get it back? thx