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  1. knuckles

    Voting Page Error

    Just tried to vote right now and this working again. Note*** Please transfer to `working as intended` or `fixed` Thanks
  2. knuckles

    Sura - Elite Weapon Armageddon

    wait.. that NPC might have fixed it. I tried the same process and the def is getting reduced now.. It only seems to reduce the vit def though, or that's how its supposed to be?
  3. knuckles

    Sura - Elite Weapon Armageddon

    I'm not sure where to check the weapon's level, I tried talking to the NPCs and this one responds about the elite weapon. If I am correct the weapon should be activated at level 1 after 1 kill right?
  4. knuckles

    Sura - Elite Weapon Armageddon

    I just noticed that it does not decrease the def at all? I'm not sure if this is a known bug, or the weapon is supposed to work this way.
  5. knuckles

    Voting Page Error

    Based on the recent announcement about the forum upgrade, The voting page should be fixed before the forum but http://playdreamerro.com/?module=vote is not working for me and giving me an http error 500 ( internal server error ), was not sure if this is only happening on my side, Anyway I'll just report it. Thanks