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  1. Sharks

    Easter Event 2021 [Phase 2]

    Hi guys! I made a quick easter guide. Also shared the build I am using when farming. hehehe I would also really appreciate if you sub to my channel hahaha Thank you!
  2. Sharks

    Easter Event 2021 [Phase 2]

    thank you. and also, is there a way to turn off the announcements? it's flooding chatboxes. i dont think it should be. you know what i mean hahaha
  3. Sharks

    Easter Event Bug ???

    @warp easter_fild is not working. says You are not authorized to warp to this map
  4. Sharks

    Easter Event 2021 [Phase 2]

    Will there be a 2nd map? The current map seems to be quite small/tight?
  5. Sharks

    Easter Event 2021 - Pre-Phase

    Thank you esther event
  6. Sharks

    random server spikes

    Yea, a 30 minute to 1 hour announced and scheduled weekly reboot wont hurt i guess. We can do it during the server's most dead time.
  7. Sharks

    Christmas Event 2020 [Closed]

    Hello. Just a reminder. Can we have this return to previous towns now?
  8. Sharks

    Christmas Event 2020 [Closed]

    aww shit. hahahahaha Thanks for the event. We'll do a better tree next year. It'll be a fckin forest.
  9. Sharks

    Christmas Event 2020 [Closed]

    I really appreciate that. And I'm totally fine with whatever your decision is. But look! It's the Twoll's Christmas Tree! If this doesn't change your mind, I don't know what will. ahahahaha Happy New Year to all! Wonderful event indeed.
  10. Sharks

    Christmas Event 2020 [Closed]

    I'm not sure if One Wish can still do something with this amount of unused loots. Maybe lessen it by a few hundreds? Hoping the admin can give a last minute reconsideration about it. pretty sure im not the only one who have this amount. Thank you @Irish Heart P.S.: it doesn't need to be paired to other loots. maybe we can turn them into something that sounds like "waffle tricks" huehuehuehue /gg
  11. Happy New Year guys from Twolls Family 1f60a.png

  12. Sharks

    Taekwon branch pet peeves.

    When you create a character and use the Instant Job Changer NPC in @go level it will actually give you all the skills of a certain job, Taekwon branch included.
  13. Sharks

    Christmas Event 2020 [Closed]

    Will there be a loot conversion of some sort? because apparently know matter how much I farm I, at the end I will have thousands of paper, toys, ribbon and box left unused since we cant convert them to packages if we lack knitting yarn and tree bundle. Hoping for your consideration. Thank you!
  14. Merry Christmas to you and your family! From Twolls. ❤️