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  1. vendeta2

    B>+8malev shoes

    100b rush
  2. vendeta2


    100b for shoes pm if deal
  3. vendeta2


  4. vendeta2

    bangbang mode on fone

    add me on mobile legends darklies <---
  5. vendeta2

    B> / S> low price

    up B>items
  6. vendeta2

    Forum Awards [Applications]

    AWARD: veteran IGN: • † Anonymous † • CLASS: shadow chaser
  7. vendeta2

    B> / S> low price

    bump latest (nov 21 2018)update.
  8. vendeta2

    B> / S> low price

    update(aug 19/2018) B>item
  9. vendeta2

    B> / S> low price

    75 i can give it to u
  10. vendeta2

    B> / S> low price

    aug/13/2018 update
  11. vendeta2

    B> / S> low price

  12. vendeta2

    D' Dragon Buying/Selling/Trading

    i buy the twilight boots pm me ign anonymous
  13. vendeta2

    B> / S> low price

    ~Buying~ Cold moonlight = ?? Donation Token = 1.7b ea incarnation spirit=80b poseidon shoes=20b combat asprika=30b ~Selling~ +10combat asprika=150b +10albite garmet=145b +10twilight boots=180b pure elunium frag 25x =30b pure oridecon frag 25x=10b +8 mercenary chain mail = offer +9black kaho horn=27b draconus card=6b fused dople = 7b incantation samurai card=1b gem of damage = 10b gem of dex=8b gem of dreams=6b melee energy ring=12b fused maya purple=15b Addax card = 8b ea +10 libra=250b visit my vend on @warp gold_mart 63 116 pm here or in game: ign: • † Anonymous † • <--=pm me