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  1. r12312353

    Equinox Effect

    Brilliant. Didn't know that as I've returned recently. Thanks!
  2. r12312353

    Equinox Effect

    Good day to all. So as we all know, Equinox (GX elite dagger) recently changed its range effect to something (this is evident in-game as it really doesn't give any range at all). So my question is, what's the new effect of the weapon? Just a little curious regarding this. Thanks!
  3. r12312353

    Corona Virus Awareness Event [Phase 2]

    That's why this server's the best. Guess I'll be returning for good now lol
  4. r12312353

    Permanent Body Changer

    Nice update. Good thing this has happened as I am planning in returning anytime soon. I hope the alternate sprite for Suras will be fixed soon. +1