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  1. genjose2002

    Officially Graduating Zeph Quests (I've made it :D)

    wow! Congrats bro!
  2. genjose2002

    Hello, I'm new here :)

    Welcome to the server
  3. genjose2002

    Mini summer forum event

    SUMMER MADNESS Without a doubt, summer is the most anticipated season of the year, and wether or not it's your favorite, there are endless things to love about it. As summer approaches start warming up to the idea of lazy days at the pool, sand between your toes, and endless fresh fruits, You might just find yourself buying sunscreen and grabbing a new beach towel. There's no need for those winter blues, Summertime is finally here! As the days begin to get longer and the temperatures start to climb, you know what this season brings, relaxing nights on the patio, taking weekend trips with the family, jumping off cliffs with your friends and enjoying the backyard barbecues your neighborhood has to offer. SUMMER IS LIFE!
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    Thank you for that wonderful and detailed explaination, So in short what your saying is that NINJA IS DEAD. This is the saddest moment of my life.
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    40 dtoks for +8 libra
  6. genjose2002


    is it wise to invest on ninja nowadays? read some of topics about ninja nerf and its kinda dissappointing.