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  1. Lili

    Thanks for the years of play

    Bye bye, enjoy other games, get your friends @ discord or something.
  2. Lili

    Recruiting For Instance/MvP/Support Guild

    Which town are you afking?
  3. Hello, I've made this AHK script to help myself with filling 20 (maximum) @autoloot item useful item when farming. Turn off Battle Mode /bm For ET - Endless Tower: Other useful items: 1007 - Necklace of wisdom 1008 - necklace of oblivion 2115 - Valkyrie Shield 7019 - Loki's Whisper 7023 - blade of darkness 7510 - Valk Flower 7292 - Muscovite 7290 - Phlogopite 7294 - Turquoise 7291 - Agate 7293 - Rose Quartz 7166 - Soft Silk 949 - feather 7069 - Destroyed Armor Can be configured for Caspen : Gold ore = 7231 Yggdrasil Berry = 607 Mastela Fruit = 522 Emblem of Sun God = 7068 Bloody Branch = 12103 and whatnot else. Have fun.
  4. Lili

    ~Mining Script for the Lazy~

    Hello, I've increased it to 1700 Now it is working better, because it digs to 83/190 and jumps and does not break However after a rock hit me in the eye, I am overheated and there is a CD during which I can't dig and the script continues and bugs. Another problem is - the Mine collapses after 5-10min of digging, is that normal? Sometimes mines collapse even after 1 dig! This is my working script, reaching 175/200 without problems with AutoHotkey version
  5. Lili

    ~Mining Script for the Lazy~

    But of course. It starts digging up until 27/190 heat something, jumps a few times and drill breaks for unknown reason and I have to stop the script and make new one.
  6. Lili

    ~Mining Script for the Lazy~

    doesn't work anymore, drill breaks XD
  7. Lili

    LF a guild

    Thank you, I will try to find them.
  8. Lili

    LF a guild

    Hello, I am looking for a guild to join. I will create a new character if you need a specific class. I can play anything but prefer Ranger or Bishop. LF Social guild for MvP farming and gearing / WoE is optional / helping each other and having fun.
  9. Lili

    Normal Cards

    Hello, what can we do with so many cards? Is there a way to obtain mystic card album if we exchange 1000 normal cards for example?