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  1. Merong Mahawangsa

    2nd Class Balancing Patch

    there is new meta...... it was ARCHBISHOP unkillable class with the new 5% demi redux +400 vit
  2. Merong Mahawangsa

    Combat Quest and Battleground Update 2020

    Last night i quit but my streak was still there. waiting for reboot for it effect ??
  3. Merong Mahawangsa

    Combat Quest and Battleground Update 2020

    With this new update i think we should make this : 1- Deserter (afker in BG) = IP ban for joining BG 8~10min. as of right now we can use diff char to check which team win after tat quit BG and use other char to join. 2- Quit BG = losing/reset all win streak in BG so we cant abuse 5x win easily.
  4. Waiting for the reboot to come..PLEASE come faster..😭

  5. Merong Mahawangsa


    Btw if we talk about racist.. inst Hella the one who do it?? Before this guy post about this.. He even join Hella PT with the N word party (n.... party) .. So dun u guys think it funny?? He dint he ask the PT leader to change the PT name on the spot before join it. Only cry if enemy say it.. this so tuff to handle..phewww.. Either way bout racist no one happy to hear bout it, so punish em all next time!!!
  6. Merong Mahawangsa

    2019 Balancing Patch #1

    That is because now AD only effect by pure INT. not like before this update that was effected by MATK + ATK from item. Btw for what i test, AD already back to it normal stat like pre-re before, but then maybe increase AD damage like 10% more so u can be happy.
  7. Merong Mahawangsa

    [Training Room] Modifiable Dummy

    how can we access this map?? or is it still not available in server??
  8. Merong Mahawangsa

    Permanent Body Changer

    Is it possible if we have 2nd job sprite too?? You can increase the price for 2nd job sprite. Btw nice update! +1