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  1. The Box NPC been suggested and rejected. It will Just make players lazy and the art of farming is for you to open them yourself. so No the open box suggested. 


    And i do like the ET timer or atleast add it to the Quest list with a timer. like Elite Dungeon is added.

    please consider again =)

    about the stuff inside the box is unworthed and mostly will go to npc.i tried to open 1k gift box and got less then 100m by selling at npc (as far as i know the most expensive ive got from gift box is emperium anvil and is not easy to get since its random) bapho doll and dyes is not included since there is player who wants to buy for quest and is not that easy to get that


    if the reason is make player lazy maybe a command which can open maximum 50 boxes will be perfect and all of them will be at their storage (alt+e) not @storage if too full the prize gonna be on the ground so the player will with their own risk and no npc involved


    clicking one by one is so cruel ahahaha, since there is 1second delay (if thereis no delay /q1 /q2 will work) and we need to move it for selling at npc one by one which mean its clicking again (so many clicking)


    thanks for listening by the way  :lol:

    its just my idea for improving this server and give more fun to player and reason to loot with alternative way, nothing more

    accepted or not it doesnt matter this server has been fun,good job =)

  2. wish if there is NPC which can open 

    • gift box
    • old blue box
    • old purple box
    • old card album

    all of them at once, so player can taking the stuff they wanted and selling to buyer or sell the unwanted things to npc without clicking one by one to open


    the reason is

    • to make those things worthed to loot
    • give people (especially newbie) alternative way to farm and rise their zeny rather than @aloot item stone of sage  :lol: or waiting @tur_dun04 or @kh_dun02 like a boss  :blink:  and ended with swearing each other because of kill steal lol
    • bunch of stuff inside of the box is not worthed the player doesnt want to open even looting
    • to make player go out and learn ART OF FARMING  B) normal monster and not depend on MVP's drops anymore for rising their zeny

    second is

    hope there is NPC which can give information the last time player went to ET

    (you need to pay 50m to go and when you were there BOOOMM!! the dungeon isnt ready) :ph34r:



    this just an idea, without any intention to offend



    best regard