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    Hellarious Guild Status: Active Hellarious is a newly built guild in Dreamer RO that aiming to be included to the upper echelon of Dreamer RO PVP Guilds. We always thrive to be better every day. The guild is still pretty raw and still need to build better chemistry with each other. Hellarious is comprised of highly dedicated members that share the common goal of being one of the strongest guild in Dreamer RO without forgetting the true essense of the game which is to have FUN! The members of the guild are willingly helpful people, always ready to help the brothers and sisters at arms. We despised people who use cheats to be stronger, we don’t respect people who cheat their way to the top. We fight fair and with respect to the skills of our opponent but if you offend one of us, you offend all of us. Don’t expect us to be considerate about it. We won’t hold back. The guild is still looking for loyal members that bear and share the mindset of camaraderie and selflessness. If you got what it takes, we are welcome to know you and hopefully be a new member of our family. ~WE RISE AND FALL TOGETHER, NO ONE WILL BE LEFT BEHIND~ Guild Hideout: - Aldebaran / @go 6 Guild Founders : - StrawHat Arosts Guild Officers: Angelous. • Pater Noster • T r 3 iDracule Want to be one of our brother/sister? Read the requirements and Rules below. Requirements : § Fully Geared and have decent knowledge of BM mode § Can speak and understand the English Language § At least rank C. Guild Rules: § Follow server and guild rules § Follow orders § Open to constructive criticism § Be loyal members. Members who jumps from one guild to another will not be tolerated § Support and protects every guild members in any situation § Scammer and cheaters in any way or aspect of the game are not welcome here. § Betrayal of trust in any way is prohibited Got what it takes? Follow the instructions below 1. Go to the Hellarious hideout located at Aldebaran (go 6) 2. Ask any member there to notify any inviters online at that given moment. 3. The officer will gladly help you and ask you some few questions. (Sometimes tests is required) 4. If you pass, you will now be invited to the guild for a probationary period (Under Observation) 5. If you pass the probationary period you will be now be welcome as an official member of the Hellarious Guild. Congratulations. NOTE: In the probationary period, you will be observed under the following aspects. 1. Loyalty – This is basically observing you if you jump to other guilds. 2. Camaraderie – This is a crucial part of the process, you will be observed if you actively participate in our battles in the HHH and HA. 3. Objective – This is basically saying that we don’t tolerate candidates that only aim on getting kills. ​ Jobs Needed : § Archbishop § Professors § Genetics § Shadow Chaser Benefits if you are in Hella : 1. Friendly Members 2. Pro’s that is willing to teach you 3. People you can’t count on. Guild Event : § Bloody Brach by T r 3 § PT vs PT event if theres many Online members § ET party .