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    Cringy Losers

    The last exit before you quit Are you sad because the server isn't as interesting to you as it used to be ? Are you sick and tired of all those PvP guilds that are created with very high expectations by "VETERANS" only to be forgotten after a week or two ? Are you bored of the social guilds which are full of people who think they are funny with their elementary school tier "humor" ? Are you checking the forums daily to see if any new chicks have joined the server lately since you have nothing better to do in your life, you loser ? Are you crying yourself to sleep each night because all of your friends have moved on while your shitty computer can't run any game other than RO ? Are you hiding behind multiple layers of ironic humor to masquerade the fact that you have crippling depression ?nobody cares Fear not. JOIN US. LIVE THE LAST DAYS OF YOUR LEGACY HOWEVER YOU WANT. This is not a PvP / WoE guild. This is a social guild but NOT REALLY. Requirements : NONE. Rules : Be respectf... LOL, NONE. Losers with invitation : Paincake (glorious leader) Eluminare. (lowly peasant) ---------------------------------------------------- WRITE A POST BELOW TO JOIN OUR HUMBLE GUILD (if you can). :} :} :}