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  1. Hecaton

    Spirit of Heroism Feedback

    I bought Spirit of Heroism and the staff said you needed to be non-hero, level 500. But it turned out to be okay with Character HERO, Lv 500.
  2. Hecaton

    Black Friday/Cyber Monday 2019 [Ended]

    Can I use spirit of heroism if my character's a HERO? Hero only.
  3. Hecaton

    Halloween Event 2019 [Finale]

    what time on NOV. 3?
  4. Hecaton

    Altairs Guild

    A L T A I R S NON- WOE/SOCIAL/BG/ HHH[?] Guild GUILD LEADER: Hecatonkires MEMBERS: Currently recruting! RULES/REGULATION/GUIDELINES: 1. This is a new guild for PROs and Newbies, anyone is welcome BUT... 2. Only Thief Classes, TK/SG and Ninja Classes can enter here (Thief, Sin/Sinx, GX, TK/Star Gladiator, Rouge, SC, Ninja). 3. Be FRIENDLY TO ANYONE, guild member or non. 4. Don't be a snob. 5. Don't beg for zennies/ items. 6. Liberate yourself! Join fun events/ go to casino/ pvp @ HA as long as you... 7. Follow DreamerRO Server Rules and Guidelines :D IF ANYONE'S INTERESTED, PLEASE PM ME IN- GAME OR LEAVE NAME HERE OR GO 27> Hecatonkires or Hekaton I THANK YOU!