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  1. Hey there, Dreamers. Tonight we have a special surprise for you all: new headgears! All of these are sure to be a hit, but they're not so easy to obtain. To see what they are and how to get them, click the spoiler below. All of the sprites were made by Bella Roi of Pixel Jubilee. Check out her incredible work! EDIT @ 10:30 PM: The quest NPC is not loaded in yet due to some typos in the script. It will be made available as soon as it's fixed. Go farm those items in the meantime! EDIT @ 8:30 PM, 9/12/12: The Rainbowring Rucksack quest is currently bugged; you will need 250 Jubilee in addition to everything else before you get the item. The NPC will not check for it though, so you risk it eating the rest of your items! Please be cautious until it's fixed.