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  1. Why is my account banned ?

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Eluminare


      Adi will be surprised once he logs on this forum and sees a random ban spam on his status lel.

    3. Xel


      adi gm besto

    4. Faelnirv


      Wow... I’m not sure dude, maybe check with the current GM or HaZe! They will definitely be able to help you.

      ps. Hey guys, what’s up?! I see that you guys are still here.

  2. Wow, the forum UI sure has changed a lot...

  3. Faelnirv

    SEEN Zone - Deal with it!

    Holy fuck, I was just checking my spam email to confirm some bullshit accounts, and I found a notification on this thread. Still alive as always, huh? Surprising to be honest. Guess I'll go online and just AFK in caspen for 24 hours to see who popped up and still active hahaha.
  4. Faelnirv

    SEEN Zone - Deal with it!

    Holy shit! This thread is still alive! I somehow got an email saying there's a notification from this thread. Hey!! How're you doing lol!