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  1. iamhii

    Server Condition

    About the PVP there's nothing much more to say; pretty much what Kymchi said -- people are afraid to lose because of those reasons. It's a free-will environment cant force, someone, to play the game. We can enforce it by placing harsh punishment on the toxic players and weed them out. But is that enough for people to start PVP? What is it that will make more people PVP more? I am not trying to attack you but thank you for pointing out the issue but it's always better to give a suggestion on how to improve things. So what can the GM team/ developer do to help this issue? Do you or anyone have any suggestions? I do agree that I would love to see PVP activity increase all across the board but that's solely on the player to PVP instead of farming. Many people farm over bg/PVP because they just want to make more money or enjoy the grind and collecting stuff. As we saw in the past were giving incentives in BG increases the activity -- so the big question is; what type of incentive we can give that does not fuck over the economy along with it being a long-term incentive that isn't just for a month? About the gap. Over the years they have made it much easier to close the gap like those items you mention. They were at one point for a while 200-300b each compares to how it is now 80-120b and currently still dropping due to more ways to access them. The elite weapon gap has been changed in 2017; it used to be very big of a gap from lv 1 to lv 4. The effort needed to become elite and get elite weapons has been reduced to nothing (SOH/Credit/etc...); it used to be pure months of grinding just to become elite and get elite weapons (especially lv the elite weapon up)..etc... What suggestion you think would help close the gap even further to where it's fair? Bottom line is; if the community want a more PVP/woe/bg active server-- please give suggestion on how the GM Team/Developer can help but keep in mind of all the possible impact that it can cause and weight the cost/benefit. I can assure you that the developer/GMs want this sever to flourish and continue living on and make sure it's fun for everyone. Otherwise, they would not continuously add content/ new items/ new events/ etc... to update the server as this is a very very old game/server. I appreciate you making this post ^^!
  2. iamhii

    Halloween Event 2020 - [ENDED]

    I second that; I don't see why both can't be released because most likely the second version will not be reused in the foreseeable future. Give people more options and would help the server sink zeny and raise funds!
  3. When vending first came out... I accidentally sold my +8 Poseidon for 180z .. instead of 180b.
  4. iamhii

    1vs1 PvP Tournament (6/28/20)

    Are YGG allow + Creed helm etc...? It doesn't seem to say so anywhere unless I overlooked it. Also, can we mention giveaway this time around?
  5. iamhii

    1vs1 PvP Tournament (6/28/20)

    I will look into and try to do FB live + Twitch stream. I will do my best to do both stream. And @HaZe Are YGG/Pot allows + Creed helm etc...? Since you mention all legitimate items.
  6. iamhii

    Back to RO after years

    By OG's "dirty little sidekick of honorable guild," you mean you right? Little sidekick Joke aside, Welcome back!!! Go 2 is a great place to start they help a lot with helping you achieve the gear you needed and their merit system is amazing. I would highly suggest you give them a visit ^^!
  7. iamhii

    MI6 | PVP Oriented Guild

    This guild post becoming a meme post real quick xD love it!
  8. Oh wow didn't even know we had a guild thread lol. You can join our Club on Forum: http://www.playdreamerro.com/forums/index.php?/clubs/ You can come to our guild base at @go 5 or @warp Izlude 130 130
  9. iamhii

    Proposal to merge currencies/shops

    Since you brought up the topic of Exclusive items in general. Haze, what will you do about that? I personally prefer one way of making zeny over another. For an instant I will not go to BG if Glorious Ring wasn't exclusive to BG only.
  10. iamhii

    Proposal to merge currencies/shops

    Since now all currencies are not 1:1 ratio in terms of pricing, the reward to give out for completing DQ is different than winning/losing BG. How are you going to determine that? 1) Boost the value (inflate) of each item in terms of DreamerROToken? -Example: Bee Ring (20dtoks) will be 200 DreamerROToken, wherein DQ you earn 5 DreamerROToken and in BG you earn 3 DreamerROToken, etc.... 2) Have a converting system that keeps the same currencies but they can/have to convert it via NPC with a set ratio?
  11. iamhii

    Pro Tip: How To Be Rich

    My man! Now that's how we flex! Unfortunately im not comfortable showing my stock account lol.
  12. iamhii

    Pro Tip: How To Be Rich

    So we are flexing here... let me take a picture of my bank account =I ... oh wait im broke..
  13. iamhii

    Pro Tip: How To Be Rich

    Looking for a small loan of 1T zeny...
  14. iamhii

    Video Promotion/Trailer Contest!!

    Hey, Ann, I think they can post whenever till now to the deadline. As long they post before the deadline. ALSO, GUYS, I WILL POST DOWNLOAD LINK TO STREAM VIDEO!!! 1) Sunday WoE: 05/03/2020: https://easyupload.io/y48czo 2) 5v5 Tournment: 04/17/2020 https://easyupload.io/08uj5p
  15. iamhii

    Video Promotion/Trailer Contest!!

    I hope there will be a good promotional video to watch!