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  1. iamhii

    2019 Balancing Patch #2

    I think quagmire dispelled CT is a good thing because CT can bypass everything expect Safety wall now. Otherwise it will be really broken xD
  2. iamhii

    2019 Balancing Patch #1

    That's pretty broken. 50k on GR no delay spam is crazy, even if they dont have 500 vit. You'll hit 20k spammable on GR. That's still pretty good.
  3. iamhii

    a sacri type rg guide please.

    You see HP equip ~ you slap that on xD
  4. iamhii

    Press Your Luck Zeny Update

    Reported @farmnkill
  5. Please review on ratemyserver so we get new player so i can kill them in HHH 😃 Jk~


    I got free cookies tho! 

    1. caramellmacchiato


      Do you even HHH anymore

    2. iamhii


      Good question~ 

      Don't have a good answer to it =P


    3. GhostAlpha1


      ivo give 100b 


  6. iamhii

    Hello, again... Anyone remember?

    Welcome back ^^ ~ hope you enjoy catching up with the 100's of updates... pretty much a new and improved game =P
  7. iamhii

    New Player here

    If you see " I V o " around just ask him for some zeny
  8. iamhii

    Ratemyserver Highrate suggestion

    Just did! Thanks for letting us know!
  9. Wahaha i will for sure ^^ Dw ~ i will get the community together and make dRO more lively
  10. The event is over~! See you guys again next year! xD Have a wonderful Christmas and Hope you all enjoy the event
  11. Suit up! The event is in ~ 8 Hours!!!~
  12. iamhii

    Summer suit costume

    I agreee xD
  13. iamhii

    cards and more

    Your welcome for the reasonable prices, all here... xD Like you say, it's a gamble, for better or for worst. Just my 2 cents, this doesn't affect me one bit.