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  1. iamhii

    New Player here

    If you see " I V o " around just ask him for some zeny
  2. iamhii

    Magic/Melee Surprise Box Scam

    What @miareeta said. Plus, if i am not mistaken, the chance in the description is wrong. The actually chance for the box is less than 1% however, haze doesn't let us know the exact percentage.
  3. iamhii

    Horror Factory Instance Update

    I can see the card price raise now xD
  4. iamhii

    Alternate Sprites for 3rd Jobs

    How about GS :3
  5. iamhii

    Surprise Rare Box & Rare Token Shop

    The new rare is out! time to pull out my paycheck~!
  6. iamhii


    #3 and #5 , That box rare though... probably the best of all those xD! When will the box rare comes out??
  7. iamhii

    The Magical Apple

    Welp xD Enjoy your magical apple
  8. iamhii

    The Magical Apple

    You need to update your dRO xD probably an item that isnt register with your current version of dRO
  9. Check out the upcoming Christmas PARTYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY in "General" tab for details!!! 

  10. iamhii

    Throw Huuma Shuriken.

    Notice this please senpai xD
  11. iamhii

    Throw Huuma Shuriken.

    Final Strike Need to be able to be affect by %demi and thana like before... now it's just max hp =(
  12. Hope everyone is enjoying their summer 😃!!