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  1. iamhii

    Breaking Bad

    I will make it +10 for you
  2. LOST 350b today~~! Merry Christmas Every!!! CYA NEXT YEAR!
  3. iamhii

    Spirit of Heroism Feedback

    Increase PVP, that's a great point. +1
  4. iamhii

    Spirit of Heroism Feedback

    I agree to make it 500b at the very least (I personally think it should be in the 750b+ xD). Since it gives you everything at the max level. Farming 500b over farming 40k+ pt, 20k+ kills and many quests is a worthy exchange.
  5. I am back again to host my annual Christmas event for this year up-coming Christmas ^^ !!! This going to be the 4th Annual Christmas Event Hosted! Sorry that this year I won't be able to make it as grand as the rest of the years due to me, unable to play as often anymore -- can't farm as much. *** Event will start sharp at the time it's given below due to having class at 7:30 am ish... *** WEAR CHRISTMAS THEME GEAR!!!! General Public Event: Why: Just because I got nothing better to do with my zeny tbh. Honestly, I just want to have fun with you guys and give everyone something to look forward to and hopefully an enjoyable event!! Don't be rude and enjoy this rare event ^^ with the community!! Who: I V o <- Santa When: The event will be on FRIDAY (December, 20th 2019) at 9 P.M Philippine Time Zone (UTC +08:00) or 5 A.M America Time Zone (PST). (Will last until event end xD)! Where: Trolls Guild Base GO 11 -- Gather up there! What: Event #1) Hide and Seek the Code Event #2) Dice against Santa ~! Event #3) To be decided! How: Event #1) I will pick a map or multi maps where I would hide a few of my characters (3-5 chars). You will then have to seek for them and crack an easy code in to get into the message. The first to Seek all 3-5 of my characters wins!! Event #2) Dice against Santa: Everyone will make a Single ORDERLY line and I will go down the line and dice against you 1v1~! Event #1) RULE for Hide and Seek the Code 1) Must gather at Go 11 and when I say "GO" you may begin seeking for my other characters! 2) I will provide the name of my characters on the day of the event. 3) Have fun!! Example: One of my char may be hiding in go 11 and the others in a hut in go 11. You will then seek the characters and there will be a small code to crack 0000~0100 etc... The first to find all 3~5 characters and crack all the code wins PRIZE: 20 D.Toks (Enough to get at least an item in the Donation mall). We will do a few rounds soooo don't lose hope! Event #2) RULE for DICE with Santa: 1) EVERYONE Line one in oneeee straight line! 2) I will go down the line and 1v1 you in /dice ! Higher number win! 3) Prize: 1b per win =D 4) If you lose >=) you own me a zeny~ 5) ~50b give away ATLEAST~! (I have to lose ~50 times before I can quit!) Event #3) To be decided!! I will think of something fun where everyone will get a chance to win something!
  6. iamhii

    Modified Temporal Boots

  7. iamhii

    is Mining worth or not?

    Honestly, at this point (2019) I think the latest guide is amazing so I can't really top that. It just takes hours of grinding man =I. My best advice is to enjoy the game in all its aspect - grind through every method! Hence Refining is profitable when the time is right (thats just based on the economy at the time). 10 zeny*
  8. iamhii

    is Mining worth or not?

    Hi, Mining is for sure worth it. My char is lv 150 in mining and I have made enough zeny to buy at least one of everything in dRO and become Santa xD
  9. iamhii

    2019 Balancing Patch #2

    I think quagmire dispelled CT is a good thing because CT can bypass everything expect Safety wall now. Otherwise it will be really broken xD
  10. iamhii

    2019 Balancing Patch #1

    That's pretty broken. 50k on GR no delay spam is crazy, even if they dont have 500 vit. You'll hit 20k spammable on GR. That's still pretty good.
  11. iamhii

    a sacri type rg guide please.

    You see HP equip ~ you slap that on xD
  12. iamhii

    Press Your Luck Zeny Update

    Reported @farmnkill