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  1. iamhii

    Press Your Luck Zeny Update

    Reported @farmnkill
  2. Please review on ratemyserver so we get new player so i can kill them in HHH 😃 Jk~


    I got free cookies tho! 

    1. caramellmacchiato


      Do you even HHH anymore

    2. iamhii


      Good question~ 

      Don't have a good answer to it =P


    3. GhostAlpha1


      ivo give 100b 


  3. iamhii

    Hello, again... Anyone remember?

    Welcome back ^^ ~ hope you enjoy catching up with the 100's of updates... pretty much a new and improved game =P
  4. iamhii

    New Player here

    If you see " I V o " around just ask him for some zeny
  5. iamhii

    Ratemyserver Highrate suggestion

    Just did! Thanks for letting us know!
  6. Wahaha i will for sure ^^ Dw ~ i will get the community together and make dRO more lively
  7. The event is over~! See you guys again next year! xD Have a wonderful Christmas and Hope you all enjoy the event
  8. Suit up! The event is in ~ 8 Hours!!!~
  9. iamhii

    Summer suit costume

    I agreee xD
  10. iamhii

    cards and more

    Your welcome for the reasonable prices, all here... xD Like you say, it's a gamble, for better or for worst. Just my 2 cents, this doesn't affect me one bit.
  11. iamhii


    Yup :3, we both just trying to make the server more lively ^^ doesn't matter who's in what guild as long people play this game.
  12. iamhii

    cards and more

    If we were to allow D.Tok card to become tradeable pretty much saying that the Admin, Haze, control the price of the market. Thus, the market would not be a "free-market" anymore; where people can sell the things they earn at the price they want. This to me, personally, isn't a bad idea because I would like to see the newer players get the stuff they need to enjoy this game for what it truly is... Pvp, WoE, HHH... On the other hand, people do enjoy this game simply just for the farm and the marketing aspect of Ragnarok -- the free-market system. With that being said, I pretty much contradict everything I have said thus far. xD Suggestion: Similarly to our PvP Consultant team; we would create a 3 system (American's Check and balance). System #1) Marketing Consultant team: Fill with a 5, 7, or 9 (odd so there's no tiebreaker) of players who are knowledgeable about the market pricing and is able to look at the big picture of supplies and demands. They would consult among each other and come up with a fair price for what they "think" each card(s) and/or item(s) should be for the Donation Shop. However, they would post the price for what they think Quarterly (every 3 months) to Haze. The public then get a pool to cast their vote on the price they believe is fair. System #2) The people get to do a poll for the price of the card(s) and/or Item(s) for them to decide what they believe to be a fair price in the market. Finally, the 2 lists of prices, from the consultant and the public, go to Haze. System #3) Haze, will then look at the 2 lists and decide for each item(s) for that quarter the price that would be fair (vote by the public and consultant) to set in Donation shop. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Yeh... it would be a lot of work but it's an idea Or we can just leave thing as it is and hopes for the best xD Either way doesn't affect the rich/veteran player one bit -- who has everything they need.
  13. iamhii


    This is a new player English friendly guild~! We Laugh, WoE, Socialize and have FUN I will make a DISCORD Server for us soon! =D Rule: We help each other We have fun We DO NOT tolerate rager and/or troller =3 Looking for Veterans who willing to help give guidance~ Base: @Go 17 <~ We are using our Alliance, Eternal Asura, guild base =D