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  1. Koyzkie

    FCP Bugged?

    Let me observe it again later. We tried the single strip it didnt work. but it was outside BG. Let me observe it more.
  2. Koyzkie

    FCP Bugged?

    It happened to me a plenty of times in BG, sadly I wasn't able to take screenshots. But even when i was FCPed, somehow strippers were able to do strip armor on me and also broke that armor while stripping. So I asked about it, some said FCP only works for "Full Strip" but not on individual strip? If that is true, then that's super lame. First gospel removed FCP buff, now this? Kindly fix pls. Thanks.
  3. Koyzkie

    MI6 | PVP Oriented Guild

    sad how my name can't join it now also KEKEKEKE
  4. Koyzkie

    PvP Balancing Discussion

    I LOVE YOU!!!!!
  5. Koyzkie

    PvP Balancing Discussion

    Thank you for agreeing with my thoughts. Somehow I felt that you did admit that the previous people who commented/tried to flame Tydh's responses were being biased and one sided with what they have been saying. And yes, the "who's better at which" was totally irrelevant. I just added that for fun. Because I can. And yeah, I need not prove my genetics pvp history because at the end of the day people who knows, knows. Forgive the "dog" who randomly visited your base. We don't allow people to brag if they can't deliver. But sadly that dog has proven himself useful in plenty of ways that benefits our guild. And last time I checked he's far more knowledgeable than a lot of enemies we encounter. So why would we stop him from trolling if he can take care of his own business. I mean you guys are welcome to our base and do the same. One thing I learned though. When you win a lot of duels, tournaments, wars, whatever, you just won't mind people trolling you cause you know to yourself that whatever they say is just a waste of your time. And of course, they say it cause they're butt hurt. KEKEKEKE. And I, thank you. xoxo
  6. Koyzkie

    PvP Balancing Discussion

    I love how Tydh even used other references. It's true tho, you can even apply this irl. LOL Just a question though, do you guys like discuss this internally with the "elites" within your guild before posting something? Because we (mostly elites in the guild) actually spend time talking about this. We sit down, talk and test damages/items/gears. I mean not bragging, but if only you knew how Xadsyath gets boring every time he asks us to go on and test shit. But we stay because the tests we do actually have sense and is not just based by what we saw one time in a war or wherever. This is why I could say we are not bias to anything, because we discuss and we suggest topics that we really seem to find "OP" despite even making our jobs weaker just so we can maintain PvP balanced for everyone. But hey, regardless of how our main jobs get nerfed, we still rape ya? I don't need to elaborate this, because I'm sure you know who's best in which. So really, no point of us being biased. KEKEKEKE. And I think a person who observes has the right to explain more than the one using a specific job.
  7. Koyzkie


  8. Koyzkie


    i remember you! i think you said you loved me then! KEKEKEKE
  9. Koyzkie

    Geopard Shield 3 Bypass

    i think she has it. But the "virtual window" is being blocked? But I'll tell her this. Thanks!
  10. Koyzkie

    Geopard Shield 3 Bypass

    how2? kekekeke
  11. Koyzkie

    PvP Balancing Discussion

    please remove costume so i can revive 1v1 duel pls KEKEKEKE
  12. Koyzkie

    Geopard Shield 3 Bypass

    Good afternoon. Wanted to ask if how to solve this problem. User is using Mac laptop. She tried logging on to the server but somehow it said she can't/not allowed because the Geopard 3 Shield is blocking off her Virtual Window in Maclaptop. Would highly appreciate if you ever experienced this before, and what did you do to solve this problem.
  13. Koyzkie

    Genetic Build

    Hi can someone teach me genetic? Also how do you make the ai work.
  14. Koyzkie

    MI6 | PVP Oriented Guild

    ewww KEKEKE