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  1. Jack

    Special Valentines Event 2020

    this rare can obtain via raffle ticket or valentines token?
  2. Jack

    Special Valentines Event 2020

    How About Phantom Mobs? or just Player Killed?
  3. Jack

    Special Valentines Event 2020

    caspen 179 189
  4. Jack

    Special Valentines Event 2020

    Nice update.. Thx to our Admin and GM Team for this great idea
  5. Jack

    HHH update 2020

    Thx Sadie~~
  6. Jack

    Zeph Quest not giving War Badges

    January 14, 2020 Remove the battle badges rewards from Zeph's hunting missions. Increased the zeny reward of Zeph's hunting missions by 75%
  7. Jack

    HHH update 2020

    that Hera..
  8. Jack

    WoE Castle Rotation & Treasure Update

    Nice Update!!!...Gotta revive "The Dead" from hell again for this new awesome update!!! Someone teach me how to do the UmpaLumpa ritual!!!!
  9. @HaZe please,new intance please..hahahaha

  10. Jack


    This is My Basic Build..U can ask other Rebelion Job User if u saw them for better build (Poochai. Celestial Brief Pochingchong Cardo Dalisay) Weapon=Remington Shotgun=Incantation Samurai /Tyrant Cecil / Villanious / Turtle General (Valkyrie Card)(If u rich enuff,buy the Knight whatever Card) Thanatos / Tyrant Cecil / Villanious / Turtle General (Valkyrie Card) Top=Redux Helm / Batman Mask / FVH =Kiel Card Mid=Rare / Union Wing / Delay Wing= Kiel Card Lower=Anti Freeze / Damage Aura / Anti Status Aura= GOH / Addax Armor=Exe Armor /Magnetite / AoF / LT / VA /STunic= Tao / Draconus / GR Shield=Silver Aegis / Vshield / Shield Of Aenas =Hades / Thara / GTB Garment=Albite / EA /Obesilik =Sinx Card / Menblatt Card Shoes = Twilight / Posoiden =Feddga / Furious Seyren Accessory = Alluminium Glove / Elite Glove = Gold Scaraba / Gem of Full Buster Stat Str=150 Agi=180 Vit=115 (Its up to you LMAO,coz Rebelion is Glass Cannon job,so its doesnt matter for me if it was balance def or not) Int=50 Dex=Max Luk=454
  11. Jack


    Jack has left the group
  12. Plan B=Lets QQ..Idiot

    1. eucliwod


      they are hopping that they can rekt vets player here just like all other server that they played..
      butttt.. already 1 month they cant do it.. and now time for TT or Crying ehe ehe ehe.. thinks lyfe so ez ya.. HAHAHA

  13. Jack