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  1. Jack

    The Hoomans

  2. Jack

    new to this PS

  3. Jack

    Expensive Elite Endless Tower Card and Drop

    Just my POV, This will only increase the price of EET stuff
  4. Jack

    Rebellion Weapon guide request (guns...lots of guns)

    u can buy it at @warp ayo_in01 43 106 for the normal gunner weapon
  5. Jack

    The Hoomans

    So Fun!!
  6. Jack

    Im Planning on making a GX

  7. Jack

    Twitch Stream

    add u link here
  8. Jack

    Player Malaysia 2020

    yo..oo malaysian pula,selalu nmpk,,go 32 tmpt stay geng2 malaysia bro
  9. Ada je,ramai lg malaysian player dalam ni,cuma ssh sikit nak jumpa..hahahha
  10. Jack

    Abyss Tower - Elite Endless Tower

    100% Disagree with this,better put that key on all purpose dealer.
  11. Jack

    Donator Exclusive Costume Sets

    Time to sell my useless kidney..*Chuckle*