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  1. This feeeeling. I cannot. xD

    1. Eve


      Oh yes it reminds me old timeeeee

  2. Dreamers, please write a review, so Haze and the server will be happy and stay longer! xD Congratulations to all winners! Let dreamerRo live longer! Happy 11th year guys.

  3. Horakthy

    Halloween Event 2019 [Finale]

    I was thinking about this one, instead of releasing the intergalactic. But " spoiler " I still have the white version of that cape. Who knows, it might be coming this winter xmas :-> About adding it to raffle information. I think it wont go there, the dark penta is there too which is also a new rare. If haze will update the shop in the donation mall. I think that would cost around 120 dtokens too.
  4. Horakthy

    Rares Sprite Guide V2.0

    Ok. I finally updated it lol Sorry for the delay. The images were broken the last time because tinypic is going to shutdown and they stopped the site already. I have uploaded new images and previews for the animated ones. For the new rare box namely Enchanted wings, Frigid icarus wings, and Hallow raven wings. I didn't upload their animated gifs preview because the guide is already too long and it wont show up anymore. [ CHANGELOG ] ADDED Matatabi Essence Djinn Essence Winterfrost Blades Enchanted Wings Sun Kissed Wings Easter Butterfly Wings Easter Firework Bloody Sword of Dragon Roar of Dragon Slayer Hallow Raven Wings Goldy Frost Wings Gold Dust Incarnation Fiery Vigor Flambouyant Blades SETS ADDED SAIYAN GOD SET [ BLUE ] SAIYAN GOD ROSE SET [ PINK ] ANCIENT SAMURAI SET GOD OF THUNDER SET Thank you guys!
  5. Finally back after almost 5 months out of town. Though my pc is experiencing some errors/blue screen -_-". Now what guild to join? I dont pvp that much though lol

  6. Horakthy

    Can I even make it to HoF?

    LOL Indeed. Its either all Pros or none. lmao
  7. Horakthy

    Destiny Helm At Last Yeeeeey!!!!

  8. Horakthy

    Surprise Rare Boxes and Chests

    Its expensive for a reason. It gives you the option to get it for sure without any chance of getting random rare that you dont want. And the purpose of this update is for newbies to easily get at least one rare in days. Well for vets its for costume though lol
  9. Horakthy

    Sell Or Trade - Easter Tokens

    9b xD
  10. Horakthy

    Easter Event 2019 - [Phase 3]

    ^ Nothing for this season.
  11. Horakthy

    Easter Event 2019 - [Phase 3]

    Nothing for this season. We already released the phase 3 items. And the items there are great with new and improved effects too.
  12. Horakthy

    Easter Event 2019 - [Phase 3]

    No. In the next seasonal event which is halloween and christmas yes.
  13. Ever since forge coupon was released, all I got was agile cleats. lol

    2. iJojo1112


      gift me 1 please.

    3. zhie223


      where did you change your coupon ? theres no npc in that morocc 150 105