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  1. Horakthy

    Sell Or Trade - Easter Tokens

    9b xD
  2. Horakthy

    Easter Event 2019 - [Phase 3]

    ^ Nothing for this season.
  3. Horakthy

    Easter Event 2019 - [Phase 3]

    Nothing for this season. We already released the phase 3 items. And the items there are great with new and improved effects too.
  4. Horakthy

    Easter Event 2019 - [Phase 3]

    No. In the next seasonal event which is halloween and christmas yes.
  5. Ever since forge coupon was released, all I got was agile cleats. lol

    2. iJojo1112


      gift me 1 please.

    3. zhie223


      where did you change your coupon ? theres no npc in that morocc 150 105

  6. Horakthy

    Press Your Luck Zeny Update

  7. Horakthy

    Elite Hero Job Changer

    I thinl the price is very fair enough. The advantage is that if you are already holding a high leveled weapons, then change to any job it is very convinient enough rather than make another char and spend those scrolls and time to lvl them up or back again to scratch. There will be also an update soon that you can try any class that you want as fast as you can. So if you are still doubting to change job. You still have yime to decide whether u change or not.
  8. Horakthy

    About the current GM/SP team

    Stay tuned it is. Be PATIENT dreamers
  9. Horakthy

    Dreamer RO Christmas 2018 [ Finish ]

    No. There are players who got 32k or more blessings. Because blessings drop rates from the past christmas events was 75% and up.
  10. Horakthy

    Dreamer RO Christmas 2018 [ Finish ]

    The raffle npc will be up during the event and stays up to 24 hours. The location of the NPC is to be announced yet. Not sure about that. Haze just did that last Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales.
  11. Horakthy

    Dreamer RO Christmas 2018 [ Finish ]

    ------------------------------ RARE RELEASE ------------------------------ It has been a traditional to release special wings during in every end of our seasonal events. Both sprites have a magic or physical damage versions.The following rares that are going to be available on Jan 13, 2018 for release are Goldy Frost Wings and Gold Dust Incarnation Spirit. We will be releasing golden versions of our classic rares in celebration of DreamerRO's 10th year anniversary! GOLDY FROST WINGS GOLD DUST INCARNATION 50 Donation Credits or 180 Billion Zeny Bags 40 Donation Credits or 160 Billion Zeny Bags ( Discount coupon is not usable for this season ) ( Discount coupon is not usable for this season ) GOD OF THUNDER SET 120 Donation Credits or 350 Billion Zeny Bags God of Thunder Shear God of Thunder Aura God of Thunder Wings Reduce damage taken from Grants immunity to freeze and silence Reduce after cast delay by 40% demi humans by 35% + 60% Movement speed Increases magic/physical damage against demi-humans by 15% GOD OF THUNDER SET EFFECT *Magic and Physical damage increased from 15% to 25% *Allows the user to see hidden enemies *All stats +5 ------------------------------ CHRISTMAS RAFFLE ------------------------------ Raffle is the most awaited event during our seasonal events. Each raffle ticket will give you a small chance to win one or more of our Christmas raffle rares this season. So make sure that you were able to have as much as you can. The more raffle tickets you have, the more chances of winning! Gold Dust Incarnation Spirit [ small chance to win ] Celestial Spirit [ smaller chance to win ] God of Thunder Set [ smallest chance to win ]
  12. Horakthy

    Dreamer RO Christmas 2018 [ Finish ]

    Of course, they are not called epic drops for nothing. Just wait for it. Phase 3 is coming.
  13. Horakthy

    Dreamer RO Christmas 2018 [ Finish ]

    Nope. 20% is still actually a pretty big chance to fail. so yeah, i tried to enchant 4x in a row. all failed. lol
  14. Horakthy

    Dreamer RO Christmas 2018 [ Finish ]

    No. We just changed the rare box last halloween event.