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  1. Horakthy

    Elite Weapon Expert

    Well if ur in rush to make it +10 already lol, but ofcourse if u have like +7 8 or 9 then i think 100b is just a waste lol, but if ur elite weapon is fresh, i think 100b is worth it to make it instant +10.
  2. Horakthy

    Elite Weapon Expert

    What if my elite weapon is already +9? Should i still pay 100b to make it +10? Or 10b per refine?
  3. Horakthy

    Halloween Event [2018] Finale

    It has been changed for a while. Haze will finalize again soonest.
  4. Horakthy

    Alternate Sprites for 3rd Jobs

    GS can promote to rebellion already though xD no need I think to add it as alternate outfit
  5. Horakthy

    Halloween Event [2018] Finale

    Anyway, I would not let the flame become bigger. LOL Haze can change it anytime though, but as far as the convo days ago, that was the decision.
  6. Horakthy

    Halloween Event [2018] Finale

    Haze can change it anytime though, but the roar of dragon is already unique and first we ever have ( not recolor ). Bloody sod is something we already have but in different colors. Its already even a bonus since Sod is very indemand because of its classy yet cool looks and it will be just be given away for free ( if lucky with raffle ) Yes we can still use previous masks. We dont have any new mask available in the mask vending machine.
  7. Horakthy

    Halloween Event [2018] Finale

    ============================= RARE RELEASE AND RAFFLE! ============================== RARE RELEASE Roar of Dragon Slayer Bloody Sword of Dragon Donation Credits : 60 Donation Credits : 60 Zeny : 250 Billion Zeny Bags Zeny : 250 Billion Zeny Bag ( 200 Billion Zeny Bags with Discount Coupon) ( 200 Billion Zeny Bags with Discount Coupon ) RAFFLE Bloody Sword of Dragon Reaper Spirit Bloody sword of dragon and Reaper spirit are the available rares for raffle! Each raffle ticket has a small chance to win one of these rares! Make sure that you have enough raffle tickets for a better chance of winning! [ Note: Reaper Spirit might be changed by Haze ]
  8. Horakthy

    Halloween Event [2018] Finale

    Im taking a note on it, will be fixed soon. Thanks for the report.
  9. Horakthy

    Halloween Event [2018] Finale

    I will notify haze about it. Thanks
  10. Horakthy

    Halloween Event [2018] Finale

    ++++++++++ PHASE 3 +++++++++ Halloween Token Bootique This halloween lady in red bootique took time to gather and collect all those new items to be sacrificed for the upcoming halloween party! There are two types of items to collect COLLECTIBLE ITEMS and CRAFTABLE ITEMS COLLECTIBLE ITEMS - Are items with Donation item effects, but it requires a lot of Halloween tokens and a certain number of Halloween Spirit Collectible items Top Headgear [ ACCOUNT BOUND ] Big Bad Wold // Black Cat Hood // Duneyrr Hat // Jack O Lantern Head Collectible items Middle Headgear [ ACCOUNT BOUND ] Shadow Chaser Cape // Bone Armor Collectible items Lower Headgear [ ACCOUNT BOUND ] Zombie Hands // Haunting Spirits CRAFTABLE ITEMS - Are items with a weaker version of donation item ones and require a bit small number of halloween loot items Craftable items Top Headgear [ TRADEABLE ] Gorilla Hat // Fox Ear Ribbon // Nightmare Ghost // Hillwind Mask Craftable items Middle Headgear [ TRADEABLE ] Hallow Feathery Wings // Fallen Angel Ears Craftable items Lower Headgear [ TRADEABLE ] Halloween Spirit // Grim Reaper Spirit // Pumpkin Ring NOTE: Information about the Rare release, raffle, caspen trick or treat and Halloween party events will be announced soon! Stay tuned!
  11. Horakthy


    The raffle ticket will be consumed, win or lose. if you win then its worth the farm and grind lol. And if you used up all your tickets and got nothing, better luck next time which is christmas event. But I think the chances now in raffle are bit higher compared to last easter. Haze gaveaway fortune boxes last easter which made a lot of players won rares already even without raffle event yet. And now, its purely depending on the raffle tickets without fortune boxes. The raffle NPC will usually up for 24 hours, It can be more than 24hours depending on Haze or a GM can just remove the npc manually.
  12. Good for phase 3? lol #spoiler

    [ view my profile to see it ] 


    1. Lv1 Akikiw

      Lv1 Akikiw

      must have! take may candies!

  13. Damn! Its too late to add for New Donation items lol. Halloween maybe? ^^v


  14. Dreamers~ DreamerRo is actually going to celebrate its 10th year anniversary. Halloween event is coming, I hope we also have a free time to write a review or renew our old ones. Lets make DreamerRo happy and Haze too. Thank u in advance dreamers! Long Live Dro!

  15. Horakthy

    Eluminare's Corner

    Make one for me dory ples hahahahaha