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  1. Horakthy

    Proposal to merge currencies/shops

    You can get a donation token already in the event manager Npc.
  2. Horakthy

    Proposal to merge currencies/shops

    For those who cannot donate, there are available currency conversions. 2B = 1 token, 250 badges = 1 token, and future will be HHH coins, division coins and etc. Any currency that you have can be converted to donation token soon or soon to be " DreamerRO Token ".
  3. Horakthy

    Corona Virus Awareness Event [ENDED]

    I think 2 more raids before it ends. When the last day ends, the NPC's remain for like 1-2 more days for the players to deliver or exchange materials to vaccines, but the monster raid will stop. Congratulations for the players who farmed very well to the event! And who won raffles!
  4. Horakthy

    Moonlight Sonata.'s Event Grinding Tips

    I think yes, Hillslion is better now cause the event maps AOE skills are disabeld. Hillslion is focusing more on bolts.
  5. Horakthy

    LF>Hades minions cards

    http://www.playdreamerro.com/forums/index.php?/topic/38687-hhh-update-2020/&page=1 read this
  6. Horakthy

    Corona Virus Awareness Event [ENDED]

    The 35% description is wrong. The correct effect is 40% reduce skill delay.
  7. Horakthy

    When can we use dRO ticket

    The chances are never been revealed. But of course its low depending on the rares, the better the rare/set the lowest chance of winning. So better save and farm as much as many raffle tickets for now. And as for now, there's no exact date yet when is the raffle date. Im not sure, but I think it will be extended till the last week of april depending on HaZe. There are still no announcement for the rare release and raffle too though.
  8. God of thunder set, seraph set and destiny set was updated too. Thanks Magna Divinus!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. verrdii


      do you mean legendary set? cause i dont see any differences with destiny set

    3. Lv1 Akikiw

      Lv1 Akikiw

      how about legendary samurai set?


    4. MeshiRei


      how bout Blue Saiyan Set horak ? 


  9. Horakthy

    Corona Virus Awareness Event [ENDED]

    Im not sure with that. Spirit of heroism gives it all.
  10. Just a little survey:
    What do you guys prefer?
    New Cute Easter'ish items? or New Dark coloured items? or Half half? 
    drop comments below. lol

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    2. Hope.


      both :3 

    3. ><Ghost><


      dark COVID pls 


    4. ††Kaede††


      Dark is apropiatted guess  considering that coronavirus is not a good thing affecting the entire world population 

  11. Horakthy

    Buying Temporal Boots

    Maybe you have aeneas shield?
  12. The biggest scam = Divinium lol

    1. Magna Divinus

      Magna Divinus

      Don't u dare talk bad about my name!

    2. Feurille


      Why, and how?

    3. Horakthy


      Nah, all my +9 become +8 and +7 to +6. Shit luck haha

  13. Horakthy

    Combat Quest and Battleground Update 2020

    I believe its for armor, shoes, robes headgear and shield only. We already have Pure oridecons to protect weapons to +10.
  14. Horakthy

    Aura Stylist NPC