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  1. Schotto


    Hi jeproxity i got my RG to elite a few days ago with the elite spear but i still manage to die to the mvp in Orcs memory haha If u can answer some question it would help a lot what are the benefice of playing OGH and OM?is there items that are usefull?is yes for what?is there items that can be sold ?if yes how much at todays market? i don't have too much zeny? what would be a good stuff to do OGH and OM?a basic stuff with evolutions.( dunno if u understood what i mean) RG elite spear should heal me (refering to item description)but it doesn't?do u know why? (i have to use solar sword) thx in advance for ur answer P.S: Trying to pm u but u don't answer
  2. Schotto


    It seems that a lot of people are using the dot "."in their name haha Thx both of u guys for taking from ur time to answer my question its a bit clearer than befor but still i guess the server is too old for me too much content (wich is great) i'll just take a break,visit the forum from time to time,read some guides, if i feel the gaming fever came back i'll play (ragnarok forever haha) thx again for ur time u rox guys
  3. Schotto


    Thx for ur answer Is it possible to view effect of event hats?a link with their effect would be awsome 5.then is possible to use macros but still staying online answring just not being 100% on my ro client (working...)
  4. Schotto


    Thx for ur answer 1.Some instances are not listed like HHH or STP some that i might not know 4.RG can do Addax with GC? 6.GX is a good farmer? 7.How much time are we speaking in hours pls? aproximatively?
  5. Schotto


    I feel still lost after some time in this server I got some question that needs answers Like a lot of people here i love this game but i will not have the time to farm like i used to (kill spawn all the good mvps,hunt,Mine.....)so thats why i loved this server it gives some instances that can be done in 1 or 2 hours some in 5-10 minutes but there is some point tthat are not clear for me What are all the instances that can be done here pls(I aleady asked this question in another topic but didn't got the answer i wanted don't answer by look in our forum or something like that pls)and what would be the best char that can do it with a good build I've got a probleme with hats arround here.They are not listed so u never know what u should aim for when i buy a hat i find another that is way better and some are event only as a newbie its hard to buy something that is not 100% usefull for u so here is my question is there somewhere (with the link pls) in this forum a topic with all the hat available with their effect This one is for the GM its annoying to have to dual client to get into an instance is it possible to remove this condition?(if someone wants to go with me that should be ok but not a prerequisit) Custom MVPs like adddax hades and other what chars can kill them is it possible (and legal) to afk farm ? if yes how? Is genetic a good char for instances/farm? Is Mining a good sources for zennies/stones (like biotite...?)and does it need a lot of time? I may have some other question that would be added after Sorry for my english and thx for all ur answers in advance
  6. Schotto

    Reaching Elite with RG

    What is the fastest way to get exp from monster arena (or caspen) to get the 98M exp with Royal guard? is it with meteor storm or GC? And what would be a good stuff (not cheap but not expensive too)to do it smoothly thx for answers
  7. Schotto

    Newbie Guide pls

    Sorry to bring it on again but i feel lost too much conntent i guess i can't do the hero/elite quest on a lot of chars easily so here is my question. what is the best char to start with for a pve focused person like me(MVP,instances,quests,dungeons,farm...)? something easy to build and can do lot of things
  8. Schotto

    Newbie Guide pls

    First of all i would like to apologize for my english I dunno if this subject is already treated but i didn't find it so i'm starting it here i would like a guide for bigginers that shows all the aspect of this server (like special instances and how to do them, maybe just some links to others guides that speaks about them) All the currencies all the stuffs that a bigginer should now Specials zones something a bit exhaustive so we (begginers can start fully prepared) thx