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  1. Mitch Planko


    bump. any valuable rush item. Obsessive Magaretha Card - 3 Hades Card - 1 +10 Int/Luk Temporal Boots 1 each
  2. Mitch Planko

    [Instance Guide] Soloing Old Glast Heim

    This post is too good. should put it in the wiki page too for newbie. They may not have the gear now, they can always go with a party and use this as reference.
  3. Mitch Planko

    [Instance Guide] Soloing Old Glast Heim

    Thanks for sharing... meanwhile... Pan: solo guide for kimi/ ogh soon?!
  4. Mitch Planko

    The REAL Legendary Sets

    sigh... back then I'm not sure how to get that... but I have character created before the only 1 server wipe where I lost all my glorified equip... never touch that character ever since. remember hero quest item used to be not consumed after quest? i used the same set to create many heroes... btw, ask admin to make legendary set great again! ps: ahem... ahem... newbie ahem ahem... glove...
  5. Mitch Planko

    The REAL Legendary Sets

    who still have this legendary set?
  6. Mitch Planko

    Its becoming frustrating

    yes, I like your thinking, maybe that how you manage to retain this server for 12 yrs. good luck and hope there will be another 12yrs before you one decided one day to hand over to someone else or close this lol. this server might potentially longer than the official server in some country which ended just like that lol.
  7. Mitch Planko

    Which Build is best for RK?

    sharing is caring!
  8. Mitch Planko


    bump: buy any rush item! time to convert your item to zeny! also buying these... Obsessive Magaretha Card - 3 Hades Card - 1 Mr. Hopping Rabbit - 1 White Knight Card - 3 Khalitzburg Knight Card - 1 Echidna Card - 1Drake's Jacket - 1Dragon Aura - 1
  9. Mitch Planko

    Elite Dungeon Quest

    I have both L4 Elite AB and Genetic. or any other elite char like GX, WL or RK/RG (still thinking of using which one for SOH). Just doesn't have experience lol. not even OGH cos I buy everything. if you don't mind instance "newbie", I'm ok to join with maybe both AB or Genetic?
  10. Mitch Planko

    [Bound]-Wkc+KKc Bugged

    weird. the other player tested it and reply it is ok... probably different combinations? the case we need to test are: 1. bound kkc + bound wkc 2. bound kkc + tradable wkc 3. tradable kkc + bound wkc 4. tradable kkc + tradable wkc. i have both cards. but all tradable. cant test everything... probably easier for admin to test.
  11. Mitch Planko

    [Bound]-Wkc+KKc Bugged

    I thought @Irish Heart fixed this issue here. I did ask the same thing and @Irish Heart confirm it works.
  12. Mitch Planko


    sorry, already bought it. that why it removed from first post. added new item into list.... see first post. buying any rush item as well
  13. Mitch Planko


    bump-new item.
  14. Mitch Planko


    bump, buy coagulated spell
  15. Mitch Planko

    [QoL] Custom GRFs and Modifications

    monster grf seems to give problem and crash the client... the other is fine.