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  1. AkoBudoy

    Halloween Event [2018] Finale

    how to obtain the abracadabra skill using certificate?
  2. AkoBudoy

    I forgot my SECURITY CODE

    Got it, thanks for the help.
  3. AkoBudoy

    I forgot my SECURITY CODE

    Is there any chance to recover my Pin code in @security? I am a returner, I stopped in 2015 now I want to play again using my old account. I used to have a security code before and I blocked all transfers, now I can't even buy to mall or deal. I totally forgot even the answers to security questions in recover PIN. PLEASE HELP ME.
  4. AkoBudoy

    Why I only have 48 skill points?

    Thanks, It's now okay. I have a problem, I have security code before. And I blocked or transfer. Now the problem I don't remember the code. Is there any chance to recover it, even the security questions I totally forgot the answers. Please help me.
  5. Hi, I stopped playing on 2015 and now I'm back. I'm still using my account. Upon checking, my skills were reset. And I only have like 47 available skill points. And my job skill level is already 120. Please advise me what to do, I am completely lost. Moreover, can anyone please put in the comment all the links that will help me back into track again. DO we still have HHH? What time in K.S.A (GMT+3). Appreciate your help.