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  1. how is dreamerRO lately? miss the previous events xad

  2. ShiiraYukki

    Halloween Event [2018] Finale

    does the new pets have some sort of skills once you have loyal them?
  3. ShiiraYukki

    Glorious Weapon Update

    si the Glorious Staff of Destruction one handed? or still be two handed?
  4. just came back to read some Q.Q and it never fail to amaze me haha 

  5. ShiiraYukki

    Signing Out!

    I won't introduce myself as who I am in-game since I not that so well known coz of my low profile and solo gaming, It's been almost 4 years I've been playing dRO. I like the game very much from the start because of it's competitiveness in all aspect such as WOE and PVP content. Although throughout the years I notice the changes and the decline of the servers population, that made most of my in-game friends quit also to the busy schedules in real life. All I can wish is that dRO will be back same as before miss those 1,000++ players competing to each other for dominance. I decided to quit because I see any real updates that can capture or make dRO have it's great comeback. I also would like to suggest to our Admin/GM Staffs, if you have any plans of making another dRO server make a Pre-renewal server with the same content as 2 or 3 years back to where we know the golden age of dRO aside from the current Renewal server we have. I will still be around checking forum and if I have time joining WOE or lurking around the server to see some people that I might know to chat with. Again it's a pleasure to have me here in dRO for so long if there are Hello's! there are also Good bye's. Thank you. Shout-out for all the guild that adopted me. Revitalize - very 1st guild I joined Theos - 1st PVP guild Incarnates/IDOLS - OP guild, I'm the only noob and forever noob XD Civilians - last guild I joined Notorious - one of the best WOE guild I joined in Wishing all the best to dRO! PS: GM/Staff please me fair for your remaining loyal players and avoid being BIAS!!
  6. I don't know the reason why in this server WL and Sorc are so Tanky, aren't they suppose to be AOE dealers not "TANKS" like RK and RG.. just saying, I' being salty LOL and waiting for any improvements if there are any.. XD