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  1. Yo wazz up!!? just lurking around the game

  2. Just drop by to say "Hi!"

    been a while since I last viewed the forum, many not know me but I'm a former veteran a super quite one haha

    checking some updates if there is an interesting one

    1. Rios


      Are u Sachiyuki??

  3. Been years since I left the dRO, how is it going now? do WOE and PVP is back? or still dead? Good to see dRO is still there

  4. how is dreamerRO lately? miss the previous events xad

  5. ShiiraYukki

    Halloween Event [2018] Finale

    does the new pets have some sort of skills once you have loyal them?
  6. ShiiraYukki

    Glorious Weapon Update

    si the Glorious Staff of Destruction one handed? or still be two handed?
  7. just came back to read some Q.Q and it never fail to amaze me haha 

  8. I don't know the reason why in this server WL and Sorc are so Tanky, aren't they suppose to be AOE dealers not "TANKS" like RK and RG.. just saying, I' being salty LOL and waiting for any improvements if there are any.. XD