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  1. tohhonghao

    Unable to receive hero C arc wand

    i spoke to hildebrand, there is no peridot. why so?
  2. hi GM,

    Would you point me to the person incharge of support ticket. I have two pending support ticket for answers: 

    #328013 - I am unable to donate. 

    # 253804 i am unable to receive hero level C weapon ARC Wand

    Would really appreciate your help! 


    Thank you! 🙂 


  3. Hi all, My mage has reached hero level c. Spoke to hildebrand, he asked me to speak to regin. Spoke to regin, he told me i have made it already, or do not have the pre-req. I have collected the pre-req 100 steel, etc etc + peridot. My peridot is from Ungoliant, item ID is 7289. May i know whats the problem? Thanks Harry
  4. tohhonghao

    Sage Ring +15% ATK and MATK Not Working

    Thanks bro!
  5. tohhonghao

    Sage Ring +15% ATK and MATK Not Working

    where did u get sage ring?