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  1. † Celestial †

    Expensive Elite Endless Tower Card and Drop

    I agree with this. I did farm this instance with my team and it is quite difficult to get those items. The instance takes about an average time of 1.5 hours to complete and requires a team to finish. Also, the demand for those items are high which makes the prices of the items even higher. However, it has already been a long time since EET was first released. So I think this won't be a pay to win feature anymore. Will it discourage instance farmers from doing instance? This would depend on the price of the item. The items would also be account bound.
  2. † Celestial †

    New International Proxies (SEA, EU, AU)

    This is great! I just tested and my ping is now 50 ms (before always at 200-250ms). Thank you so much for this.
  3. † Celestial †

    Buying Collectibles

  4. † Celestial †

    Buying Collectibles

  5. † Celestial †

    Buying Collectibles

    BUYING: +10 STR TEMPO (BEAR+ATK) +10 DEX TEMPO (DEX+ATK) +10 DEX TEMPO (HAWKEYE+ATK) AOT (Immune 5%+goddess of mercy S (Matk 100)) AOT (Immune 5%+ atk 5%) AOT(HP 30k+goddess of justice S) AOT (Runaway Magic+HP/immune) PM me for your price.
  6. † Celestial †


    I understand how you feel, but it's not the server's fault. I have been playing for more than 2 years and never won a raffle. This event, I also had 70+ ticket and didn't get a rare. Don't worry, we'll win raffle someday. But for now, if you really like the rare, there is a zeny/credit option for it. Besides, the event is really rewarding, so the raffle is just a bonus.
  7. † Celestial †

    B>+10 STR TEMPO (BEAR+ATK3%)

    Bump! Offer updated
  8. I would love to see 3rd job based BG, but hopefully this won't phase out the 2nd job bg. In my opinion, Initial Skills that should be monitored per class: 1. RK - DB, we already know how strong this is in 3rd jobs WOE. They can deal tons of damage while having tons of HP. Ways to counter them is masquerade gloomy. Also, they can't bfly away in bg. This is a class we can watch in 3rd bg. 2. RG - Earth drive can remove wof/pneuma making SC a very potent skill. They also have king's grace making them more unkillable. A class we could watch in 3rds bg. 3. GX - Rolling cutter is a strong in some modes like rush/conquest where they can simply spam this skill and get tons of kills. GX in 3rds could main their katars because of this. I don't think GX is an overpowered class in 3rd jobs bg, especially when they can't backslide. 4. Shadow Chaser - Shadow form and masquerade is going to be a problem. SC can just go in crowd and SF people 1 by 1. Masquerade ignorance makes you unable to skill and weakness bypass FCP. This class is something we should look out for in 3rds BG. Also, consider that SC can copy 2 skills, this time they can also use copied 3rd job skills in bg. 5. Mech - Neut barrier (walking pneuma), repair, seld-destruct. If front/back slide would be enabled, mechs could be immortal in bg. This is a class we could monitor in 3rds bg. 6. Gene - They have unicorn pet dealy 600k+ damage holy element. AD forces you to GR. If you go GR+deviling, other classes would wreck you or they can also kill you with elemental cart canon. Also have good survival and disables such as slim potion and sling item. Illusion doping also might be quite annoying. A class to watch out for. 7. Ranger - Unlimit, camouflage, wug bite. Wug bite is panaceable though. I don't think rangers are OP in 3rd. 8. Minsterl/Wanderer - Siren's voice and deep sleep lullaby is kinda annoying. I don't think minstrel/wanderer are OP in 3rds. 9. WL - Has strip, long range stone, White imprison, and tons of high damage skills in 3rds like HI, Soul expansion, tetra, comet. I think this is a class to watch in 3rds. 10. Sorc - Has extreme vacuum, arullo, warmer, and high damage AOE spells (earth grave, diamond dust, psychic, poison) in 3rds. Extreme vaccuum is a problem because the way out there is backslide, reloc, or jump. However, you can't do that in bg. The elemental spirits are also quite strong. I think this is a class to watch in 3rds. 11. Sura - can long range asura, gentle touch (make people thanable), skynet. I don't think sura are OP in 3rds. The only problem i see with sura is long range asura, especially we dont have knock back in bg. 12. AB - They have judex, and higher heal in 3rds. When they are with oboro, they are even more deadlly. I'll explain this with in oboro section. I don't think AB are OP, but a good class. 13. Rebellion - They have sit skill/dp with shotgun skjills in 3rds. Can also jump with revolver. I don't think Rebellion are OP in 3rds, especially if jumps won't be allowed. 14. Kagerou/Oborro - Charms, trampling, empty shadow, ominous moonlight. I think this is a class to watch in 3rds. Charms boost damage, trampling is anti cloak/hide skill. But if ninja can't jump in 3rds, then I think trampling is fine. Empty shadow is anti maya skill and ominous moonlight converts heal into damage. This is why I think oboro with AB is quite OP. In summary, based on my experience, the strongest classes in 3rds (NOT IN ORDER) are: Mech, Gene, RG, Shadow Chaser, Sorc, WL. These are classes I would prioritize monitoring. For Doram, SN, TK, SG, SL, they remain the same so I won't discuss them in details. For SN though, we can consider gem of ignorance. SN is already a good job in 2nds BG. I'm not sure how much this gem could impact them in bg. Lastly, my opinion for 3rds bg is that if we implement this, maybe we could start with team death match first to see which classes are OP.
  9. † Celestial †

    B>+10 STR TEMPO (BEAR+ATK3%)

  10. † Celestial †

    B>+10 STR TEMPO (BEAR+ATK3%)

  11. † Celestial †

    B>+10 STR TEMPO (BEAR+ATK3%)

  12. † Celestial †

    B>+10 STR TEMPO (BEAR+ATK3%)

  13. † Celestial †

    B>+10 STR TEMPO (BEAR+ATK3%)

    B>+10 STR TEMPO (BEAR+ATK3%) = +8 STR TEMPO (BEAR+ATK3%) +250B OR +10 STR TEMPO(STR10+ATK3%)+250B
  14. † Celestial †

    doing for best memory

    Wishing you goodluck in real life! But, I also hope you comeback soon!
  15. † Celestial †


    I hope this mistake won't happen again. Many could quit our server because of this. The situation could have been avoided by turning the effect on and checked the player's inventory. Besdies, how lifesteal/reflect works is a known effect if you pvp actively. It would have been more prudent to consult with pvp consultants or pvp veterans first. I think this must change. Because, a player when banned even if innocent losses interest to stay in the server. Even if you unban them, there is a possibility that they just quit the game. In the real world, the accused has basic rights. I just want to inform you that mere suspicion does not warrant an arrest. Probable Cause is different from suspicion. Also, everyone is presumed innocent unless otherwise proven. Finally, GM has the power to ban (NOT RIGHT). Power comes with limitations and responsibilities. Just to clarify, I am not asking for the GM to be punished or anything. I just hope we could exercise caution in banning players.