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  1. ZeroGravity

    Which class better for beginnig

    WL will always be a good class. Its good for zeph (zeny farm). Ranger is also a good alternative for this purpose. Gx is good for mvps and events and caspen dungeon and hhh. RK also good for MVPs and HHh RGs is good for HHH and Caspen dungeon. For PvP almost all classes are good. Just play a class and style you want.
  2. ZeroGravity

    PYL Gamblers!!

    It’s really luck haha. I think before, i spent 7B and the best i got is a jugg. But last easter i spent 3B. I wanted to get the zeny donated by angelica hale, but got glacial shield. So it really depends on the player’s luck haha.
  3. ZeroGravity

    All purpose build for HHH

    Definitely a good build. Cheers!
  4. ZeroGravity

    New Player

    Hope you guys try the server out. Most of the people i talked to always say that this is the best server they have played so far. I am also in agreement with them. PVP is balanced ish right now. Ofcourse, there is no perfect balance. Some class counters another class. I can assure you that even if currently, we have no compilation of all relevant and accurate changes, these could be easily figured out in game. And maybe, you guys can also help the server compiling it in the wiki. As for some lack of skills, I believe this is still a work in progress. As stated in the description of this server, it is renewal (ISH). It does not fully implement everything because studies must be made first regarding the overall effect in the game before implementing them. I hope you and your friends try this server out. I am sure you guys wills enjoy this game, especially considering you guys are veterans. There are still a lot of veterans in this game that plays and I still learn from them. I also see a lot of new players these days and most of them are staying. I also know a lot of new players who donated because they see the server as a worth investment. So hope this insights can help you decide.
  5. ZeroGravity

    Buying Things

    Hi sir, bought already! sorry forgot to update.
  6. ZeroGravity

    Buying Things

    Im still looking for a bit lower price thanks.
  7. ZeroGravity

    Buying Things

  8. ZeroGravity

    Easter Event 2019 - [Phase 3]

    I agree with this. Let's stick with easter event this event. Let's have black friday again around November-December.
  9. ZeroGravity

    New Player

    I agree with this. Those closes mentioned, Ninja, GS, TK and SN are really really strong in PVP, but they are very very hard to use too. If you try to go to PVP, the common classes are WL, RK, Ranger, GX and RGs. These classes are very strong too, and there are a lot more guides available for these classes. Also, gears are easier to obtain because as stated they are alot in game, so there are also a lot of items for these classes.
  10. ZeroGravity

    New Player

    This game has been around for 10 years plus. The feature you are suggesting is good. However, this would require a lot of time and effort and currently we are all working on the new wiki and other new features. For now, I think let’s just wait for the wiki. And I also agree with everyone that experiencing the game itself and learning through experience is better. There are a lot of things that are better explained by experience rather than words. I’ve been playing my class for around 2-3 months and I can tell you that I’m still learning a lot of things still. Initially my consideration of joining this server is the custom sprites. But when I went to pvps, I realized I love the server because everything is balanced (not perfectly), but its the best I’ve played so far. There are classes better suited for some scenarios, but there is no 1 class that is above all in all situations. I really hope you try this server. I’m sure you will enjoy. Ofcourse expect some grind to do unless you plan to donate. I am a busy person in real life so to compensate the times I cannot play, I donate to the server to get some gears and also help our beloved server.
  11. ZeroGravity

    Buying Things

  12. ZeroGravity

    Buying Things

  13. ZeroGravity

    Buying Things

    B>3 P. Elu leave best price. S> +7 Jugg OFFER.
  14. ZeroGravity


    Congrats on those. Don't mind people telling you that u are selfish. It's not your fault that you did well farming. Me myself, I don't get a lot of farms, but it doesn't mean I have to feel bad about others who's good in farming.
  15. ZeroGravity

    Fortune Headgear Chest

    Please check the list. Almost all good headgears are already there. Maybe in the future this can be updated. But for now, I do not see any immediate necessity for it.