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  1. Tutting

    Division Leader Achievement

    I just tried it right now, nothing happens and the same message appears.
  2. Tutting

    Division Leader Achievement

    Dont know where to post this, so sorry in advance. I just finish the Legendary Achievement - Division Leader with the requirement of 750k Division Experience on my Super Novice and did not receive the reward. Also, every time I talk to the Division Manager a "Achievement ID not found. @achieve failed." message appears on my chat box. I already talked to the Achievement Manager and it only shows the same message. This is not the only achievement that I encounter this problem. I didnt also received the following rewards for this achievements - Treasure Hunter 3, Scavenger Hunt 4 and the Voting is a Habit 4. If making a support ticket is the only way to receive this reward, i guess i wont be having that Variant Rare. In case my rewards wont be given. Just fix the bug so other players wont experience the same problem. Thank You! Peace!
  3. The lifesteal is working well with my GX when I go OD tho it has a very low chance not sure with the SP draining.
  4. Tutting

    Incorrect Description List (New)

    Still not working. @Sadie
  5. Tutting

    Incorrect Description List (New)

    Item: Gem of Super NoviceDescription Error: Doesn't give the 12% Increase in HP / SP
  6. Tutting

    Gem of Super Novice

    i just bought this Gem of Super Novice for experimental purpose but the +12% HP / SP is not working. Please fix it. Thank You in advance. Maybe it is the same problem with my report regarding Gem of Ignorance where the code does not include the Expanded Super Novice.
  7. Tutting


    Do you have the elite weapon?