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  1. an Old item needs a proper fix..does not look good when you zoom it in..
  2. Acid Demo vs Ghost Element
  3. ulol69

    Rules of public Channels

    banning me directly in #main aint right .and spamming?? whos spamming 1+1? you just liek to ban players in the channel if u want it..with out telling us or pm us that you've been triggered or been offended by a simple math equation... never again
  4. ulol69

    Rules of public Channels

    you see here missy.. we all got warned and i stoped and i just ask a question and autoban in #main... Im so Famous in main ya`ll staff members already know my name and you guys just ban me while some other players who talks shit at me walks away with no punishment at all.. how`s that for fair speech in main??
  5. ulol69

    Rules of public Channels

    i was warned and i ask a simple math equation GM 1+1?? GM 1+1?? equals??? BAN IN #MAIN HI FANS ITS ME Erdrick. dont bother go 2 guilds has V.i.P treatment
  6. typical day in #main..Asking GM in #main..GM 1+1?? GM 1+1?? Equals??? BAN IN #main 🌵🌵🌵👊👊👊🤬😡


    1. Jean


      should have put the " = ". just like in math 1 mistake and the whole thing is donezo.

  7. ulol69

    [RAID Instance] Old Glastheim Update

    where is it? theres nothinh here
  8. put it in your bucket list Thx
  9. ulol69

    [RAID Instance] Old Glastheim Update

    realized boss card will be released?
  10. ulol69

    Fully Updated data and rdata.grf

    how to update my Dro Files with kRO patcher?
  11. ulol69

    Fully Updated data and rdata.grf

    is this the kRO files that your telling us GM Sadie?
  12. ulol69

    Why can't use double critical attack ?

    hope they can update the server with new features like this