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  1. ulol69

    Power Swing Error in game

    Mechanic skill Power Swing does error in the game while being cast
  2. the mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of the oriole waiting in the backdrop

  3. uses 3 pure elu and only gives +5 woot wat a day 😤😥

  4. ulol69

    Question about the RK class.

    PVP RK STATS STR : 500 AGI : 130 / 195 ASPD VIT : 80 / LOW DEF SO NOT THANABLE INT : 100 DEX : 401 LUK : 300 / PDODGE ANTI SACRI
  5. ulol69

    Replay System

    is there anyway to play the rrf.file saves here in dreamer RO?
  6. nc forum background is like WoW