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  1. Yato Gami

    Battleground Raiser

    still alive and still BGing all day
  2. Yato Gami

    Rookie Squad

    Join bg
  3. Spam Battlegrounds guys             ( *^* )b

  4. Yato Gami

    Battleground Raiser

    I would love to invite you wheb we meet in bg let me know PS: we really need to revive bg guys raiser or not all those who spam bg is a member
  5. Yato Gami

    What are you listening to?

  6. Yato Gami

    Almost 1 year in DRO

    wait i see you in bg PS:Join us Edit: nvm i saw u are already in mb mb
  7. Yato Gami

    Kinship! :D

    Paimon best girl & best food
  8. Yato Gami


  9. This guy got a warning from @GM Miyuki few days ago before event ended, i just hope he doesn't scare new players
  10. Yato Gami

    Christmas Event 2020 [Closed]

    Thank you for event!!!!
  11. Yato Gami

    Battleground Raiser

  12. Join Battleground Raiser = BG all day



  13. Yato Gami

    Battleground Raiser

    - Battlegrounds - Newbie Friendly - Veterans Friendly - PH/ENG Base @go 32 - Battleground Raiser - Battlegrounds Focused Guild, nothing much more to say but we are welcoming newbie or veteran pvp players that are interested on raising battleground like the old days, the guild is also the attempt fix for BG Problem for players who love the game mode but no one is currently playing it. We are encouraging all the members of the guild to recruit anyone newbie or veteran to attempt join guild or join bg. We also dont think that Battlegrounds the problem, the problem is that new players or even veterans doesnt know (Forget for veterans) that the game mode exists or the veterans doesnt want to enter due to the low people that queue on it or play, Its actually good way to grind pvp gears due to the loads of exchangeable items/currencies Rules: Be Friendly No Flaming inside or outside the Guild Help anyone by giving info , builds and etc. (Especially the benefits of grinding battlegrounds) to players in or out and of the guild Be a sport Dont ignore ENG speaking or PH speaking Players inside the guild Dont AFK farm at Battlegrounds Fight as we abandon reason and know only war PVP Side: Battlegrounds Hero Arena Friendly Duels Social Side: Socialize inside or outside Recruiting for Guild / @joinbg Teach Builds / Recommend builds For Newbies : (TBD Title for Newbies) Veterans can teach you which or what to build You can also try builds via friendly duel or battlegrounds itself You can ask Guild Members not to kill you inside of battlegrounds but we don't tolerate afk inside the battlegrounds Socializing with us ENG or PH no problem we (me and a handful of members) speak both Depending on veterans/members on trusting you or not we can let you borrow gear and cards to try builds No Flame and toxic lords (Note: AFKing in battlegrounds is a no no , also asking members not to kill you depends on them as well if they are ok with it or not) For Veterans: (TBD Title for Veterans) ABANDON REASON KNOW ONLY WAR! PS: Plz dont be toxic ;-; More info PM us ingame: Yato Lupus Colnilius Luceo Aobozu Little PogChamp Inori Miazaki