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  1. Magna Divinus

    Random lulz and screenshots from the past

    Such nostalgia lmfao, I don't even remember the roast of dark confi
  2. Magna Divinus

    Halloween Event 2020 - [ENDED]

    I fixed it as far as its possible to fix. the bigger the picture the more it moves, I've trimmed it down so it won't move as much when you zoom in
  3. Magna Divinus

    "That name is familliar"

    Welcome Back !
  4. Magna Divinus

    Worldbreaker & Worldbringer BG Sets

    Here are the other few animations that are included in the Set which weren't shown above: (the Animation Speed is not 1:1 to ingame)
  5. Magna Divinus

    Excited to return to DRO

    Enjoy playing man!
  6. Magna Divinus

    2nd Class Balancing Patch

    SBK GX is luv
  7. Magna Divinus

    Deutsche Spieler suchen Verstärkung

    Da hatter Recht
  8. Magna Divinus

    Glacial Wolf Battleground Set

  9. Magna Divinus

    Glacial Wolf Battleground Set

    Limited Stuffs!!!
  10. Magna Divinus

    Automated Event Rewards Boost

    Isn't Treasure Boxes a bit too much? *looking at @Dark Confidante*. I like the rest though
  11. The new 4th job classes look very nice. What do you think? My favorite is Imperial Guard

    View 4th Job Sprites



    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Jell-O


      troubadour/trouvere looks fire

    3. Horakthy


      They look legit lol

    4. Eluminare


      Fat as hell, too much of ToS vibe, don't like them at all. They don't feel ROish to me lel.

  12. Magna Divinus


    I remember you!
  13. Magna Divinus

    Simple macro for skill spam

    Autohotkey is a possible macro you can use. You need to write the scripts yourself though. There are tutorials all around google
  14. Magna Divinus

    Proposal to merge currencies/shops

    If you create only 1 main Currency, you'd need to include a conversion rate that works like comparing EUR to USD. Also I'd recommend a map with all the shops thrown together, which would help out newbies