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  1. Seam

    Medal of Honor (Mage) and Glorius Ring Bug

    The +%matk from most items doesn't appear in your stats tab, but it does increase your overall damage.
  2. Seam

    Press Your Luck Zeny Update

    still 10/10 would help u just because im a good player. look who's back from the dead
  3. Seam

    Press Your Luck Zeny Update

    it tells you to come and ask me for zeny help because i would, so that you can have more losing streaks.
  4. Seam

    Elite Hero Job Changer

    Great! Thank you for the update and the reply
  5. Seam

    Elite Hero Job Changer

    Do we have any way to check which weapon will get which refine? Example: I have 2 weapons one is +10 and the other is +0. Can i choose which (new)weapon will gain the +10 refine?
  6. I'm quite sure this will affect the tradable donations negatively but of course it all depends on donation token price. Nevertheless, It's good that some updates have been going the BG way, which has been dead for a couple or more months. Nice Update!
  7. Seam


    I don't even understand the conversation so, meh.
  8. Seam

    Dreamer RO Christmas 2018 [ Finish ]

    it is illegal, but there's no way to detect someone who changed a certain sprite for themselves, unless you accidentally sent a screenshot to another person.
  9. Seam


    Correct prize for the Eventful Life is 50b zeny, not Helm of Destiny. @acheck and achievement NPC is wrong Now, if you still didn't receive your Prize, then you either have full inventory before finishing it or your @acheck is bugged and you're trying to do something funny. To be sure, send a screenshot of your achievements of *Favorable Odds, Eye for Detail, Town Defender and Treasure Hunter Lv. 4* so that the GMs will know what to do. Like this:
  10. Seam

    Elite Weapon Expert

    It doesn't include the Seal, I'm sure haze assumed that everyone who's interested in using this NPC are already majors of their division, like myself. I have 6 Majors with less than 2k kills each. Anyway, the NPC also informs you that you have to be a Major to get the level 4 weapon effect. I did, actually, answer your question that you don't need to rely on pvp to become a Major. ( My RG never went to pvp and it now has 500k Division exp and 7 Extra Seals in a span of 3 months. This is by doing STP ONLY ) As for the Seal, you're right. Only Haze can reply to that that statement.
  11. Seam

    Elite Weapon Expert

    You can become a Major in your Division without going to pvp at all, just join STP and Kill the Guardians for a chance to get Heroic Seal or Collect 10k Division Coins and buy Heroic Seal @warp hero_camp 330 60
  12. Seam

    Sprite error related to Costume

    Just click yes
  13. Seam

    windows 10

    I am using windows 10 and i'm not having any problems, i just copy pasted the DreamerRO folder from my old laptop (windows 7) to my new laptop (windows 10)
  14. Seam

    My opinion about DreamerRO

    This is actually what's on my mind when reading the market part. This NPC will put a price cap to every card rotating in the server. An example would be: If you put 9b as the price of kiel in the npc, people will not sell for 9 or 10b anymore, then they will now go for 8b / 7b and so on. this is also a good way to sink zeny. Of course, this will only be a Temporary thing. Maybe the NPC will appear for only 1 week every 3-4 months to at least control the outcome.