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  1. Seam

    Spirit of Heroism Feedback

    The current price is too low when converted into zeny. 225 dtoks x average dtoks - zeny price = 1.5b = 337.5b Buying a 3rd elite weapon price is 300b. Why would i buy another elite weapon if i could just create a fresh 2 weapon elite level 4 char for just 37b more. Considering it's some kind of Sale, maybe its acceptable for now. But when making it permanent, imho the zeny price should be at least 400-500b Another suggestion is, assuming it will be available in zeny. Remove the Donation Token option and change it into Donation Credits. So the choices will only be Zeny and Donation Credits.
  2. Question: Will Ares the NPC also be removed on december 4? I'm planning to save Heroism for future needs.
  3. Seam

    I'm back...YET AGAIN.

    I guess i'm still alive.
  4. Seam


    You've probably been using it with Enriched Oridecon which is literally stated in the Pure Oridecon description that it doesn't work with it.
  5. Seam

    bye bye

    hell naw, u comin back tomorrow
  6. Seam


    can i join
  7. Seam

    1vs1 PvP Tournament 7/27/2019

    new players WILL join, it's just you who wouldn't. lol.
  8. Darude - Sandstorm
  9. how i wish that the server have an "accidental" wipe in all items. imagine all the instances / dungeons / PvP Arenas / WoE being alive because no one has anything to play with and everyone has to grind again. Now newbies will have nothing against vets because everyone will have to start with nothing.

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    2. Seam


      i only want wipe the wealth of all people, im the merciful version of thanos. 
      If you think about it though, that's the most effective way to get everyone  to start grinding again. with a risk of everyone leaving. LOL

    3. Fei


      you mean u?

    4. Artemia
  10. Seam


    A dota 2 player said ching chong in a game and he is now banned from entering a City in China. Now obviously he said it as a joke, how would you explain that, now that we're comparing it to another online game. Change your statement because the correct way to say it would be " There's a fine line between joking with a friend and joking with a random person "
  11. Lol, a bunch of alt accs with 0 content count you got there on the approving side, no? @HaZe You can check IP / Computer ID through forums yes? kindly check, thank you.
  12. Seam

    Summer Donation Promo 2019

    Send a support ticket, you can Donate via Western Union and HaZe will give you the info on where to send there. $20 = 40 Credits / 40 Donation Tokens
  13. Seam


    tangina mo drin
  14. Petition to update PvP Tournament Winner on the dRO Main Site.
    Minstrel Sabo is a scammer's name. Ain't nobody wanna see that. 🤣

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    2. Ronpogs


      I wonder who is that Ex GM who enchants equips for Amatsu's vet players?

      archer 6 enchant on all equips hmm...

    3. Seam


      Who cares what you wonder? Arost literally scammed real money from people and you're relating it to something that happened in a game. And you didn't even provide evidence that what you said really happened 😢 .

      Poor arost, his only source of income is this game. How is he gonna survive now?

    4. troy101


      hes only a victim of RMT people too hahaha like the ones he sold buyers=seller same RMT persons.