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  1. Cris is okay, Edit: I just found out that Cris' pierce works on Phantoms, unfortunately cris is a dagger so you'll be losing 25% damage on medium size monsters if you use it. Personally, i prefer 1 weapon + shield so that i could actually lure mobs and stack them. Without shield, i'd probably die in an instant before being able to stack them. I'd recommend Shamsir or Exploda Shamsir is my 3rd best weapon besides Ripclaw and Equinox because of it's high weapon atk and also because it's a sword, meaning you can use Daehyon Card with it. Also one more reason why i don't like using Daggers is because they only deal 75% damage to medium size monsters. Renewal Weapon Penalty sucks.
  2. Ideal Hit should be 1.7k as some mobs have skills that double their flee rate.
  3. I just made a guide out of my Personal build and what i find best. If new players can afford the items i posted, then they can try. As for the phantoms, they are noobs with annoyingly high damage.
  4. Daehyon card only increases atk for Sword weapons. Can be good if you plan to use Shamsir or any other Sword to farm.
  5. Race damage modifiers doesn't increase Meteor Assault damage.
  6. Note #1: This is my personal build, it works for me, might not work for you and it's not my fault. Note #2: This is not for newbies who just joined the server. But if you can afford it, Why not? Note #3: This is for those who are already Geared and have their Elite weapon or those who wants to make an Elite GX. Who cares about introduction. Here we go. STATS: STR: 500 AGI: 180 VIT: 150 INT: 4 DEX: 170 LUK: 450 If you want a higher HP you can take some stats from LUK and transfer to VIT. Up to you EQUIPMENTS AND CARDS TO USE: Top: Creed Helm or any of the same effect - Kiel Card/Emperium Card 20% Chance of gaining 70% of damage as HP / 25% Reduction against Demi-Human Mid: Drake's Jacket or any of the same effect - Kiel Card/Emperium Card Atk + 500 / Reduce Skill delay by 20% / 10% hp Lower: Dark Chakra / Music Ring or any of the same effect - Orc Hero Card/Glorified Orc Hero Card Dark Chakra = Immune to freeze and silence / 10% hp Music Ring = Immune to freeze and silence / +60% Movement Speed Main Weapon: +10 Ripclaw - Fused Atroce Card / 2x Fused Phreeoni Card / Randgris Card Secondary Weapon ( Situational ) +10 Ripclaw - Thanatos Card / Fused Atroce Card / Sniper Card / Randgris Card * IMPORTANT NOTICE * Daggers such as Equinox / Cris / Exploda only deal 75% Damage to Medium Size monsters like Phantoms. Why +10? Because you need the +Hit from the Fused Atroce which is +15 hit per refine Why Ripclaw? Because i find it easier to switch Weapons when using it. Switching with Equinox is a bit tricky since when you press your BM it will just equip your secondary weapon to the shield slot. So you have to manually remove your main weapon from ALT + Q to switch to Thanatos. Armor: +8 Magnetite Body Armor - Tao Gunka Card VIt +10 / Maximum HP +15% / Unbreakable / Refine to +8 = Immune to Knock Back Armor: Executioner's Armor - Tao Gunka Card ( Use when you choose to use +8 Libra ) Matk and Atk + 8% / Unbreakable Shield: Valkyrie Shield - Alice Card Shield: +8 Libra - Alice Card ( Use when you choose to use Executioner's Armor ) Alice card because phantoms are both Demi-Human and Boss, But if you're going in on PK mode, better use Thara Frog or Hades Card Garment: Asprika Shoes: +10 Temporal Boots STR / Twilight Boots / Sleipnir - Fused Eddga Card +10 Temporal STR = +250 Atk and 15% neutral damage Twilight = +5% Atk and 60% Movement Speed Accessory #1: Any Artifact of Trial with 5% Atk - Ifrit Card - Aluminum Gloves - Ifrit Card ( Only if you don't have Any Artifact with 5% Atk ) Accessory #2: Aluminum Gloves - Ifrit Card WHAT TO DO? 1: Walk around the map and try to gather phantoms as many as possible 2: Make sure you use Enchant Deadly Poison 3: Spam MA until every phantom dies 4: ( Situational ) When you see Phantom Rad in your stack, make sure to switch to your Secondary Weapon with Thanatos Card to outheal his Damage. When he's dead, you can switch back to your Main Weapon. Goodluck and have fun farming. Any Questions please ask below
  7. Seam

    HHH update 2020

  8. Seam

    HHH update 2020

    Always good to have changes. Thank you Sadie. Looking forward to the Hades Update
  9. Seam

    WoE Castle Rotation & Treasure Update

    I commend both of them for helping the guild in need right now, Yes,even Jicco is joining them during wars to at least give them more chance. As i said, i did join hella as a breaker for a few weeks, I tried to help, but it seemed like they didn't want any help at all, I would consider joining them for PvP Wars, but i'm not really into brainless-f1-f2-f3-spamming-pvp-war right now so i just ignore both parties and Afk.
  10. Seam

    WoE Castle Rotation & Treasure Update

    You expect veterans to join guilds that trashtalk veterans? You know why veterans don't like joining hella, or if they do, they don't last very long? Firstly, because they trashtalk veterans AS IF they aren't veterans themselves (lol). Secondly, Because nobody gives a shit about anything there. Nobody wants to play support, nobody wants to listen to orders, Everybody wants to play Killer chars. (i do know 2 people who is willing to play support chars) I joined that shit guild as a breaker for a few weeks and every woe all i see in the map are guild mates camping entrance for kills. lol, spamming the guild chat does nothing to them. Why are you all blaming those who literally made efforts into winning the castle, instead of the ones who are doing nothing and wants something in return? Y'all suggested alot of things in your favor like "no more dual client in woe" and it got approved, yet still blame the ones winning simply because they are still winning despite all of the approved suggestions being against them. Lastly, there'll be no monopolization here, since the same Treasure Boxes will be open to those who are too weak to compete by joining the Honorable Guild "competition?" So why don't you all enjoy that "if ever" you win because you deserve it and made efforts in winning it, and let us enjoy the castle drops because we won, we deserve it and we made efforts into winning it too . Thank you
  11. Seam

    WoE Castle Rotation & Treasure Update

    Saturday 11:00am - 12:00pm Saturday 11:00pm - 12:00am Sunday 11:00pm - 12:00am
  12. Seam

    Full Support Arch Bishop Guide (PVP)

    *Proceeds to use Elite Asprika with Assassin cross card*
  13. Seam

    WoE Castle Rotation & Treasure Update

    yey good updates, but a few issues to look forward to in Saturday and Sunday castles. schg_cas01 is too small for 3rd jobs map and payg_cas03 is too big for 2nd jobs map. If this will be the case soon, I pre-suggest making Saturday a 2nd job woe and Sunday a 3rd job woe. or Switching the castles between Saturday and Sunday.
  14. Depends, most people prefer 2.0 today because of the wideness of the castle. If you open the old 3rds FE ( the bigger castles ) then i'd say i prefer that one. The current FE we have now is one of the smallest ones.
  15. Seam

    Christmas Event [2019] [End]

    Nile rose = Artifact of Trial