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  1. Sorry to bother you, I got almost rewards from rank up, the Grand duquess, but the only missing is 80 dtoken, Tsuchie told me that you are only one can fill the missing rewards, thank you, the named char is Battra, the other is changed name now, so no longer is called MapleHydra, and sorry that it took long to send you a message about it. was busy in RL

  2. Seamless

    Looking for my long lost RO friend Airi/Aireen

    Isn't airin, chocomaho? Edit: nvm, he said aireen is the ign
  3. hi lead. im adesty in ur guild . can u invite me in ur OG club. :)TIA

  4. Hi lead, just wanna inform u my points last week was 97(P e e j a y)+36(BOSSPEEJAY) . tnx IDA told me u forgot the to note it . i was on 5th place (maybe) .

  5. Hi seam . its me SirMerlin i posted for buy 50x 1 bil bag with 1.000 merit last week.

    i hope u read than

    pls send to me with gift mail box or pm me when you come on.



  6. Seamless

    Elemental Immunity guide

    I mean, undead scroll needed a name change ever since implementation. I guess it's not that hard to do? Element resist scroll or simply Element scroll / Resist scroll will do better than Undead Scroll.
  7. Seamless


    I believe there is. look for @Tsuchie at go 2 or go 50 or msg her anywhere you can.
  8. Seamless


    as much as i want honorable guild to be removed(i get stressed out co-leading the guild), i just can't leave the members hanging. Anyway, what can we do? Nobody wants to compete against OG, and i don't blame them. I'm just too rich. I probably can make another guild just to compete against the 2 other guilds. Lol.
  9. hi, i am Sir Ikiu, i wait for reward title and salary, try clik on gift but nothing happen, thk

  10. npc message no gime me salary box , look pls mabe is a error


  11. Seamless

    How to Play DreamRO on RTX 2060 ( need help )

    Most probably. glad you found a fix thanks to the idiot @Aselica
  12. Seamless

    How to Play DreamRO on RTX 2060 ( need help )

    weird, gtx works fine by normal installment.
  13. Seamless

    Illustration Design Contest [Closed]

    nice af. only thing lacking is we need more ( . Y . )
  14. Seamless

    Christmas Event 2020 [Closed]

    it's still not sure if all will be added in raffle but as far as all events go, we only get 1-2 new releases each time, and this time we got 2 new sprites and 1 kinda re-animated.