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  1. I'll be quick with this one, since there isn't really much to do but spam. All the items here are open to improvements by more geared players who can afford or already have better equips for caspen dungeon. This is just a basic guide for those who are New or those who are less geared. STATS: STR: Rest AGI: Until 195 Aspd VIT: 300 INT: 500 DEX: 170 LUK: 300 EQUIPS TOP: Returner's Helm / Strawberry Cap[1] for efficiency ( Kiel D-01 Card ) Strawberry Cap[: Reduce after skill delay by 25% and Increase DM Points gained from Caspen Dungeon by 100% MID: Returner's Wing / Delay Wings / Neo Artic Wings ( Kiel D-01 Card ) Neo Artic Wings[1]: Increase MATK by 15% and Reduce After Skill Delay by 20% LOW: Sage Ring ( quest item ) / Sunflower Ring ( High Wizard Card ) Sage Ring: Increase ATK and MATK by 15% and Movespeed +60% Sunflower Ring: Increase ATK and MATK by 15% , Movespeed by 50% and Reduces After Skill Delay by 5% ARMOR: Earth Spirit Armor ( Tao Gunka Card or Shadow of Nydhoggur Card ) Earth Spirit Armor: Armor enchanted with Earth Element. WEAPON: Willow Staff (Rank C Weapon ) / Staff of Sentinel ( 4x Necromancer or 4x Entweihen add Celine Kimi if you have ) Willow Staff (Rank C Weapon ) : +15int, +370 matk, +5mdef, +50% Resistance to Earth Element Staff of Sentinel: +18 int, +400matk, +10mdef SHIELD: Any Shield[1] ( Hodremlin Card ) GARMENT: Any +10 Garment[1] ( Nightmare Ancient Mummy Card ) SHOES: Sleipnir of the Gods [1] ( Determined Kathryne Card ) ACCESSORIES: 2x Expert Ring [1] / 2x Medal of Honor ( Imp Card ) Just spam fire bolt until you reach 3k caspen kills. Take not that you only need 95% After Skill Delay when bolting.
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    How to Play DreamRO on RTX 2060 ( need help )

    Most probably. glad you found a fix thanks to the idiot @Aselica
  3. Seamless

    How to Play DreamRO on RTX 2060 ( need help )

    weird, gtx works fine by normal installment.
  4. Seamless

    Illustration Design Contest [Closed]

    nice af. only thing lacking is we need more ( . Y . )
  5. Seamless

    Christmas Event 2020 [Closed]

    it's still not sure if all will be added in raffle but as far as all events go, we only get 1-2 new releases each time, and this time we got 2 new sprites and 1 kinda re-animated.
  6. Seamless

    House of Trials GUIDE: general guides and outlines

    #35 doesn't have a chance to go to jail anymore. Jail is moved to #32 #42 crystal collection room with PK on
  7. Seamless

    Illustration Design Contest [Closed]

    i guess people are waiting last minute to submit their drawing. to avoid some kind of copying.
  8. Seamless

    House of Trials GUIDE: general guides and outlines

    my bad. #45 is spinderella. it's like #6 but bulkier and it has some perfect dodge #31 is the 1-777 number guy #41 is the guy that enlists you to VIP, you have to pay 500m to move on, a much more expensive round compared to #13
  9. Seamless

    House of Trials GUIDE: general guides and outlines

    ikr, got 80% chance of stopping by stage 37 also, and i fail everytime.
  10. Seamless

    House of Trials GUIDE: general guides and outlines

    #33 is 1-777, the 1-500 is in a lower stage. #35 move 4 steps backward or 4 steps forward ( most of the time, you go back to jail. ) #37 you need to guess 3 correct answers out of 5 to win. #45 a guy that gives you a bomb. you have to reach stage 50 to defuse the bomb #47 a harder survival bomb poring #49 same as #21 but you only have 1 minute to spot fake lunatics
  11. Seamless

    Overgeared I & II

    We are Overgeared, we strive for greatness in everything. We believe that helping others and setting gratifying goals is better than just being fully geared by end game equipment. Only by equipping yourself with ample knowledge and skill and leaving a legacy you'll truly become one of us. MISSION: Our mission is to help our fellow players reach a peak. Create a fun and vibrant guild that maximizes their experience. Develop their skill and knowledge in the game. Groom them to be the best. Support each other in things that matter. To provide everyone with zeny for gambling VISION: To be the leading Social Guild in providing the best assistance to Amateurs and Veterans alike. We strive to: Cultivate a community which enables its member to achieve their full potential Promote rewards based on individual contributions and ensure equality of opportunity. Act with intent at all times in a transparent, accountable and ethical manner Be pro at gambling RANKS AND ROLES Founder - provide assistance for the improvement of the guild in a whole. Sponsor events and rewards. The 4 Imperators - The Leaders of the guild. They decide on what to do with the guild and provide their recruits with full support. GUILD RULES DO NOT be involved in any dramas. DO NOT bear hatred towards any guild members. DO NOT be toxic towards any guild members. DO NOT beg. ALWAYS follow the Server Rules ALWAYS respect your leaders, because they are your leaders. ALWAYS maintain a good moral conduct in the guild. ALWAYS treat all members with respect and fairness regardless of age, gender, location, religion or background. ALWAYS be honest and trustworthy to everyone in the guild. ALWAYS report and ask for help if needed. ALWAYS take these rules seriously. Failure to follow these rules shall result to disciplinary action or worse, expulsion. SALARY: We pay Salary on a Weekly Basis and 2 Different sets. Weekly Minimum Points is 50 to be able to receive Salary. This means you need to reach 50 pts. Do DQ and WoF once a day and you already get 6 points. Or You can AFK for most of the week and grind those 50 pts in 3 days or less. Example #1: Example #2: If we Win Honorable Guild Competition, you'll get Top 1 Point Contributor: 10b + 1 Castle Token Top 2 Point Contributor: 8b + 1 Castle Token Top 3 Point Contributor: 6b + 1 Castle Token Top 4 Point Contributor: 5pcs Elite Kill Scroll Top 5 Point Contributor: 5pcs Division Exp Scroll The rest who reached 50 minimum pts: 5b If we Lose Honorable Guild Competition, you'll still get Top 1 Point Contributor: 10b Top 2 Point Contributor: 8b Top 3 Point Contributor: 6b The rest who reached 50 minimum pts: 3b POINT SYSTEM: Daily Quest - 4 points ( Available every 00:01 Server Time ) Wheel of Fortune - 2 points (12 hours device CD) Scavenger Hunt - 1 point (1 hour device CD) Zeph Quest - 2 points (1 hour device CD) Survival Event (winner) - 10 points Poring Catcher (winner) - 10 points Dice Event (winner) - 10 points Goblin Invasion (winner) - 10 points MERIT POINTING SYSTEM & SHOP: What is Merit Points? This is basically just the Honorable Points you gather daily/weekly. Example: You get 130 Honorable points this week, that will be your Merit Points. What's it for? We will be putting up shop in our Guild Club. In it you can buy Cards, Equips and More using your Merit Points. We monitor your Weekly Point Contribution and add it to the Club for you to use it in the shop. After buying, Merit Points should be deducted immediately by any of the 3 Guild Leaders. Example: In the Shop, we put in <White Knight Card> for 400 Merit Points. Once you reach 400 points, you can just Message any one of the Leaders to trade in the card for your points which they should deduct in Forum Club as soon as the card is given. HOW TO JOIN: Contact Any of the Leaders in-game or in Forums ( Artemia, Latte, Seam, Holy ) Or go to Geffen if you want a potential instant Invite Goodluck ** IMPORTANT Once you're joined, make sure you ask Any Leader to invite you to the Forum Guild Club, that's where you'll be using your Merit Points. ** Thanks Artemia for the Banner
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    Spaming keys with Autohotkey~

  13. Seamless

    Illustration Design Contest [Closed]

    we need an 18 yo version to satisfy our needs
  14. Seamless

    Illustration Design Contest [Closed]

    @Jack wanna fap?
  15. Seamless

    Christmas Event 2020 [Closed]

    oh wow, didn't even know they're all acc bounds. my bad
  16. Seamless

    Christmas Event 2020 [Closed]

    rent a cart maybe
  17. Seamless

    +8 or +10 safe refine ticket

    sure, 300b for +8 refine ticket, and 600b for +10 refine ticket.
  18. Seamless


    ez novice
  19. Seamless

    How to kill amdarais in OGH

    gears aren't expensive at all, most expensive should be the kkc wkc combo, but you can live without that. yes, elite hero, preferably level 4 for the extra 15% hit.
  20. Seamless

    How to kill amdarais in OGH

    just make a gx, finish the instance in less than 30mins ez
  21. Seamless

    Halloween Event 2020 - [ENDED]

    Can't we have both versions of the Halloween Nine Tails? the one in game looks like an octopus lol. Can't believe people voted for that. Please release both and let ppl choose what to buy from the 2 versions pls pls pls If possible, just set the shop up like this Halloween Nine Tails [Melee][Ver. 1] Halloween Nine Tails [Magic][Ver. 1] Halloween Nine Tails [Melee][Ver. 2] Halloween Nine Tails [Magic][Ver. 2]
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    Random lulz and screenshots from the past

    statement of the decade: "Your cane is choking me" -HaZe