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  1. fencing11

    Corona Virus Awareness Event [Phase 2]

    make 50 token for the winners in BG and 30 to losers.
  2. fencing11

    Goodbye *for now*

    GoodLuck bruh hahahaha.
  3. fencing11

    HHH update 2020

    for fucking sake man. ill say this again. HHH is not supposed to be FARMING SITE. but dev staff decide to change it . since no one goes to HHH before then they make it Farming + PK + bonus hades LOL. dont you feel blessed with that ??? LOL just to tell you man Hades before has Death rate needed only on Hero Arena and 3rd Job PVP. if no one go to pvp hades wont gonna spawn. if i were you dont QQ. just accept the fact LOL. go PK what do you lose on PK mode? you cant farm properly? goddamn i farm HHH with PK im farmed 1k Heroic COins per HHH and i fucking killing those idiot and noobs on HHH PK HAHAHAHA
  4. fencing11

    HHH update 2020

    there's no newbie can go on HHH believe me. cause newbie is new player that not elite or even hero yet they want to know the server first. thats the newbie called but if u think youre playing for months already and you have elite hero already then call ur self newbie. im not being racist but its called noob and idiot. one last thing. HHH mobs is hard to kill literaly u need proper gear to kill it you even need siren card to rekt those and damage gears LOL. or you can use physical jobs get rekt by reflect by the mobs LOL. FYI this HHH not supposed to be farming site . it is PVP not farming . but dev staff decide it to farming + PK so most of the players can go. dont tell me how about newbie. ofc newbie's cant kill any mobs. why??? for fuck sake they are newbie's LOL ill repeat this one more time its a big difference newbie and a noob NOOB = always QQ. lacking of talent so much idiot. cant accept the fact. all want is favor on his/her side/ always requesting to benefit his/her own agenda. Newbie = cmon? ask what is newbie? LOL srly newbies is a new player that doesnt know anything about the server how the game goes or market or even how to farm or even how to level. keep this in mind newbie will stay at 3 to 4 weeks only or maybe 1month. thats the longest for calling you a newbie. but if you still call your self a newbie but you played for months already it means your fucking NOOB! and your lacking of knowledge LOL. learn to use @mi to know the mob info for fuck sake. Peace hahahaha...
  5. @HaZe i love the update the honorable guild cause i think we will have active newbies competitor's. but happening right now. its your giving a free castle to one person which is making him rich not like us on woe. in woe we are 6 guild leader we rotate the castle ,the 6 of us will help others and paying good salary to them. all i want is limit the member's of joining in the honorable castle. so other's will compete since there's no pvp and its farming method. well if you dont want it , then i cant do anything. end of conversation. haha
  6. btw i never talk bad about newbies or anything else i aint against to them LOL. the only thing here is the difference of newbie and noob LOL.
  7. no one can win to them LOL. 800 to 1.2k points in 7 days? how do you defeat that ? LOL tbh we want to compete but thats imposible to win with that points . make a limited guild member for honorable then you will see many people will compete. its like your giving a free castle LOL. make an NPC guild for honorable guild atleast make it 10 players per guild LOL. as you can see ares guild has more than 40 members LOL. feel free to try do zeph at the same account with same guild. example ill make 9 chars with 9 WL with 1 guild then zeph all of them LOL. idk if its 2 points or 3 points per zeph. so total with 9 chars 18 points to 27points in 1hr LOL. one last thing. why dont you check ares accounts LOL see for your self. he even use dummy account to join SP lol.
  8. How will you fight entire Newbie's on that guild plus note this Knight Ares using different Char to do Zeph repeatedly. so the points will go ON LOL. let me suggest one more time. Do not allow other char to do Zeph. cause as i can see ares doing Zeph repeatedly or Scav. LOL make it one at a time like Daily Quest. so do to the zeph and scav limited 1char only per IP or Per PC LOL. you see how the points of that Ares guild? no one can beat it LOL. to be short 1 char zeph in 1hr / 1char scav in 1hr. thanks.
  9. First of all this Honorable Castle is not WoE Caslte , why the castle treasure drops WoE tokens ? 2nd no one paying those newbies on that guild only profit there is the Guild Leader which making him rich with nothing paying for. Suggesting remove the woe token if this denied then add the Fortuna Queen Card to the Real Woe castle treasure's. why removing it??? the fuck cause thats not even doing woe LOL one more thing if this denied. change the name of woe token to . free for all token. LOL cause if you name it woe token means its only exclusive for War Of Emperium which Players fight for it. THANKS .
  10. fencing11

    HHH update 2020

    all mobs there is weak. learn to use proper gear and element converter. use @mi to see the mobs info LOL. dont always request . they wont spoon feed you LOL
  11. fencing11

    GX Guide for Phantasmagoria ( Meteor Assault )

    Damn. good thing i dont complain. brb need to kill few more porings. thx.
  12. fencing11

    GX Guide for Phantasmagoria ( Meteor Assault )

    Cant afford this gear damn too rich. need to kill poring first to reach lvl 500. thx.
  13. fencing11

    HHH update 2020

    so where can we make this new cards? nice update btw.