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  1. fencing11

    [Bound]-Wkc+KKc Bugged

    i just tested it on dummy. and its not working LOL
  2. fencing11

    [Bound]-Wkc+KKc Bugged

    test it on player not on dummy.
  3. fencing11

    [Bound]-Wkc+KKc Bugged

    GM myuu was in front of it while i test it bound WKc + trade-able KKc not working LOL. she said its on haze list to fix.
  4. fencing11

    [Bound]-Wkc+KKc Bugged

    still not fix. try to test it now LOL
  5. fencing11

    Bye DRO

    Reason Of Quiting > all farming dungeon's is useless no more profit no one buying loots . cause all items is on @go market . A.K.A Pay to win.
  6. fencing11

    Forge Failing

    lol drama again? cause you failed so many times? hhahahaha what do you want 100% success rate? LOL
  7. fencing11

    Artifact Of Trial

    artifact of trial (AOT) the 1st enchant is not working but the 2nd one is working.
  8. fencing11

    DreamerRO Market - [@go market]

    @HaZe i think its time to add instant +10 e quipment for 200b or you guys think about the price . cause on elite temple there's a instant +10 of weapon for 100b .
  9. fencing11

    PvP Balancing Discussion

    sorc and warlock HP has been nerf. idk if the resist elemental poition can ba dispell now or still not, havent tried it. you can check the changelog they nerf HP of sorc and warlock. and the magic rod sucks now feel free to try it.
  10. fencing11

    Suggesting Removing Hades.

    Everyday when you guys see hades can kill with new meta you guys always change it. why not just remove it instead of change it everyday? you want a team to kill hades i made a team but still you want it to change everyday? a moment ago hades immune to grimtooth and eska and auto SB LOL???? how the fuck you gonna kill it? if this continue always changing it everyday every seconds. PLEASE KINDLY REMOVE HADES!! PLEASE REMOVE IT INSTEAD DOING SHIT LIKE THAT EVERYDAY UPDATE HADES LOL YOU GUYS WANT HADES SUPER STRONG UNKILLABLE THEN REMOVE IT OR MAKE IT LIKE 999999999 ALL STATS OF HADES SO NO ONE WILL FARM IT. SUGGESTING REMOVE IT THX.
  11. fencing11

    HHH Sorcerer Farming Guide

  12. fencing11

    DreamerRO Wiki

    i have a lot of builds for instance's . soon ill make an video so you can watch it how to do it properly. idk if video can be on wiki.
  13. fencing11

    Corona Virus Awareness Event [ENDED]

    make 50 token for the winners in BG and 30 to losers.
  14. fencing11

    Goodbye *for now*

    GoodLuck bruh hahahaha.
  15. fencing11

    HHH update 2020

    for fucking sake man. ill say this again. HHH is not supposed to be FARMING SITE. but dev staff decide to change it . since no one goes to HHH before then they make it Farming + PK + bonus hades LOL. dont you feel blessed with that ??? LOL just to tell you man Hades before has Death rate needed only on Hero Arena and 3rd Job PVP. if no one go to pvp hades wont gonna spawn. if i were you dont QQ. just accept the fact LOL. go PK what do you lose on PK mode? you cant farm properly? goddamn i farm HHH with PK im farmed 1k Heroic COins per HHH and i fucking killing those idiot and noobs on HHH PK HAHAHAHA