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  1. fencing11

    Press Your Luck Zeny Update

    nice update
  2. no worries, only Elite Dungeon has switching thats what i said. now if you have hatred on me or something jelouse or whatever it is dont be. cause im just sharing my build for newbie's. but since i always get bad repu to player like you. its ok not sharing anymore thx. go share your farming mining lol.
  3. oh is that so. my build is useless . then i wont share my build LOL ez pz btw your words are rude. hahaha
  4. i can share Orc's Dungeon Build,Elite Dungeon Build And STP, Caspen Dungeon but for Elite Dungeon need couple of switching since i do it Solo and 3 client . i will post a video asap. i just wanna help newbie's Jicco Here.