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  1. Imminent

    Battleground Garment Master

    My thoughts exactly. Getting it to +10 and purchasing it would already cost you around 400 victory badges which isn't easy to get btw which is why I'm posting it here as a suggestion that it should also be refined depends on its equipment level. A single item alone is already worth around what a single class would need to almost fully gear with basic gears and few switching. Won't this only benefit a vet like me though? I mean I don't really mind but wouldn't this widen the gap between a vet and a newbie or other players even more?
  2. Imminent

    Battleground Garment Master

    That's weird since this is supposed to be a better garment as it is already way too expensive just getting a +0 alone. And even with it having level 10 enchantment level, it still isn't any better than regular asprika that's worth around only 5b. I hope this gets reconsidered @HaZe?
  3. Imminent

    Battleground Garment Master

    Makes sense. Thanks!
  4. Imminent

    Battleground Garment Master

    I tested it and asprika is reducing the damage i was taking from elemental skill while I take more damage when this garment is equipped.
  5. Imminent

    Battleground Garment Master

    Would it be possible for this equipment to actually have the refinement instead of it having a special type of refine/enchantment when it succeeds? As of right now, card like cautious howard does not get the benefit from this garment's refinement. @HaZe @Irish Heart
  6. Imminent

    Halloween Event 2021 Feedback

    1. New way to earn the coins I guess (capturing) 2. Just as how I liked the capturing the most, it's also what I disliked at some point because it became harder when people started doing it all on the same day. 2nd one would be how the trials was treating the players which I'd explain down below #4 3. 100k'ish? 4. Trials & Race • Trials - The fee pretty much just lets anyone who could pay 100m to get in and win it. It's kinda unfair to those who actually participated during the raids only to lose to those players who'd just login for like two minutes before the NPC shows up. Either it would require an item that race monsters would drop or kills required during race to be able to participate during trials. • Race - Not enough monsters sometimes and several players just staying with their bots (yes, there were people who've been botting) in the halloween city. Sometimes it feels like 80% of the monsters on the #1 map and the other 20 is on the other one. I know it shouldn't but I think its just appropriate that halloween monsters(or the ones in the future) in the city should die and not spawn until the raids are over. This not only helps for the goals to be achieved every race, it'd also help to see who's botting and not since a lot of them are actually just leaving their chars farming in there. 5. ^ Combined both #4 & 5
  7. Imminent

    Buying: +10 Temporal LUK Boots (small, atk%)

    4.9k bags only much cheaper than the one above
  8. Imminent

    [Seasonal] Halloween Event Headgear Preview

    How's that awful? She made a damn point that anyone and everyone could understand. Everyone's complaining about this and that when it isn't even hard to farm in the current event. Just take it or leave it. No one's forcing you to spend your time around to farm and get yourself to reach the 50 floor. If I am to really mention anything personally about this entire event, it would be this. Why should it be running without anyone doing anything? Most of the time, the ones winning HoT runs are those who'd just login shortly before it starts without even contributing any kills to the races. I only see few issues why HoT isn't really running when it's not even that hard to accomplish the objectives so let me list it to you. 1. Players wasting at least the first couple of minutes looking for the MVP that spawns and some are going to back to halloween's map to get that city's mvp. 2. Either the race monsters too low or the 2 maps that end up tossing around the monsters here and there is making it to fail. The mob killed has chance to spawn on the same map or on the other race map. 3. Players doing exactly what they're doing in the halloween map. They join raid maps and end up mindlessly killing all the monsters around them without giving a single shit about what's supposed to be done in the said map. 4. Players who don't give a shit about raid #1 or raid #2 and would just login shortly before HoT npc shows up and check if it's actually running or not. These are the obvious reasons why it doesn't run when it's not even hard to. I'm sure most of the players are already aware of it (if they aren't stupid but unfortunately the majority of this community are) We could easily fix the issue if we: 1.Add players kill count on both races (Players should at least have 100-200 kills from each race to be eligible to enter HoT). This would then prevent those players that don't even do anything from entering and would force them to actually participate. I don't know much about running npcs and coding so I'm just suggesting this if it's possible lol. 2. Increase race's monsters mob count or stop main map's mobs from spawning during races? 3. Require players to pay seasonal drops (sphere,chocolates?,etc...) as entrance fee instead of just zenny.
  9. Imminent

    Summer Bash 2021 - [Ended]

    This should be a no go since it's the only part of destiny set (destiny chakra) where you really have to work hardest to obtain it. It's supposed to be an end game set plus the other 2 parts were already made so easy to obtain
  10. Imminent

    Summer Bash 2021 - [Ended]

    Don't get me wrong, I'm not here to complain but just explain my situation and probably what some have to deal with the current headgear materials + loot exchanges. I haven't farmed as much as most of the players did this seasonal event and all I've got was around 6k loots after farming on and off for a week. 6k loots aren't much but I did manage to get two headgears but it's rather disappointing since I've had to exchange my 5.4k water bottles + 5.4k summer cocktails for those two headgears. Now there's a 3rd item that I want that requires the same two materials + other stuff but I no longer have enough materials required. I currently have 6k beers + 5.8k Juice bottles sitting in my storage and I don't even know what to do with them since they're not the items that I need. I could try to trade it with other players for the materials that I need but it doesn't always work out, does it? I could farm again to get the materials that I need but then again I'd probably end up having enough for the headgear that I want and a lot of extra loots that I don't need if the items that I desire always require the same type of loots. One may say that I should just turn them into coins if I don't need them, sell them or turn them into coins just so I could exchange them for loots again using coins but I don't want that lol. I'm farming so I could get the headgears that I want. Anyways I only wrote this long ass post so that my suggestions would make sense. I'm aware that you don't want this event to affect the economy that much so I'd list couple of suggestions that "might" solve the issue. 1. Allow us to exchange materials for other materials that we need. 1:1 ratio so that we don't have to bother other players or take too much time looking for someone to trade with us. 2. Lower the materials needed for all the headgears. They're all account bound anyways, no way they would affect the economy at all since everything comes from this event. Players will probably just spend their zenny or grind harder since they'd be able to save more zenny if they are to get epic/rare headgears that share the same effect as forging headgears. It's more beneficial to players than the server but players actually tend to turn their event gears into costumes or forge a headgear/wing with same effect that they already got from and turn that one into a costume instead lol. DRO these days is all about that sprite. 3. Turn this one's shop like any other seasonal event's. Allow us to deliver our loots and exchange them for coins (but better exchange rates) and only accepting rare loot (aqua soul)+ seasonal coins as the materials needed for each headgear. Having more coins means we could get more currencies $$$$ but to cover that up, we should then have their prices adjusted (currently 250 coins per 1b so make it higher?) so that we won't end up having hundreds of billions again circulating around the server. This makes it so much easier to buy headgears but this is a bit too late since the headgears are already out.
  11. Imminent

    Summer Bash 2021 - [Ended]

    Most likely, yes. They're either releasing it during phase 3 or probably still trying to figure out how many tokens we should get in exchange for each material
  12. Imminent


    Fun, annoying, crazy, toxic, frustrating, anything and everything you can think of. All I could say is I had a blast and made a lot of memorable moments in this game. I became toxic at some point or we could even say I was one to begin with but I sure did learn a lot from this server ( in game and irl stuff ). Lost some friends, made some but that's life, isn't it? I am leaving that behind so let's say I am apologizing to anyone and everyone that I had offended during my active times and would not keep and hold anything against anyone. I have not completely forgotten about it but I am surely letting it slip away. There's just a lot of shit going on and I am trying to fix what I can and whenever I can (e-life and both real life) and this is just the beginning. I doubt this server's going to die anytime soon because daddy @HaZe has got them $$$ to keep it alive and the wonderful????? community?????????????? Anyways just a big shout out to the admin that has managed to keep this server alive for this long, it isn't a joke guys. Try to support the server in any way you can just as how much the admin tries to keep it alive just so you all can still be in it and keep the fun alive. Thank you for everything. I wish you all the best. Ryan/Antimatter ps. I'd still visit sometime, who knows? but yeah I definitely won't be around for a long time unless...
  13. Imminent

    House of Trials GUIDE: general guides and outlines

    #30 is actually Blackjack, not #31. #38 Dragon gate - already posted here but no gate # #26 Death Judge - already posted here but no gate # #39 Herb collecting 10-30-50 #40 Countdown - Countdown timer: The NPC will count from 10 to 0, it would stop at 9 or 6 then you'll have to count by yourself and click on it when it reaches 0. If you are too fast or too slow, you'll get kicked.