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  1. Imminent

    PvP Balancing Discussion

    I've pretty much ignored everything else except the sorc discussion. You really don't have to lecture me about anything or everything as I know how this game works. Could really save everyone's time as I have stopped reading most of your posts in this forums as they are time consuming. The problem with sorc is, we are so limited in HA wars and have been nerfed even more with the implementation of even more items with resistance (Guardian kades that stacks with glorious rings, Mavka wings, Blessings of poring) and dispell not being able to dispell resist potions just made it even worse. Sorc can still play offensive,defensive and support at the same time but is currently not working as physical classes are doing too much damage which is why the party with sorc that has the most physical classes only has to spam LP, IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN. Exculpate being a tier 0 sorc was a good joke btw. Please tell me more about it. I don't need some lecturing from someone who doesn't play sorc and just observes. Play one yourself and let me know how it goes. Sorcs are currently doing okay in 1v1 but isn't as effective in wars anymore because of the said changes.
  2. Imminent

    PvP Balancing Discussion

    You're aware of that, why have you guys never told anyone about charms when ninja was being discussed here and there. You only voice out when you feel like you're given no other choice. Ninja specialist gloves on warlock *cough* besides it isn't only huuma that makes them OP. The ability to do both decent damage on magical and physical makes them OP and they're literally immune to most of the physical range or melee attacks. And how is it doing just decent damage when they have 10% demi human on the elite weapons? Back then, it'd require heavy sacrifice to deal alot of damage but now they're doing just fine if they're supported enough in PvP wars and they're doing over 100k damage that hits more than 1 target.
  3. Imminent

    PvP Balancing Discussion

    Bumping this for the given reasons. Sorcs still not being able to "dispell" resist potions. I wouldn't say sorc's underpowered. The recent changes with the skills such as magic rod and of course the resist potions not being able to be dispelled just made them less effective than they used to be. Gears that are boosting way too much damage especially on the rangers which make them do alot of damage. 100k+ SS damage is already decent as it is able to hit alot of targets at the same time. Pyuriel's also supposed to make you take more damage, yet it doesn't. Grimtooth doing way too much damage is also not okay as katars now do give 10% demi human reduction, I don't get why nobody is saying anything about it???????????????? Ninjas still able to do alot of damage. Huuma ignores flee and I think that's the issue right there.
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  7. Imminent

    PvP Balancing Discussion

    pls just close this thread already
  8. Imminent

    Corona Virus Awareness Event [ENDED]

    Yeah. I think we really do need this. I have thousands of other loots but no elderberry or tree oil and I have no idea what i'm going to do with these. Please reconsider
  9. Imminent

    PvP Balancing Discussion

    tell me which part exactly you're talking about grimtooth. I'm so clueless
  10. Imminent

    PvP Balancing Discussion

    Can you tell me exactly which part did GX get a nerf? I only saw GX getting a boost with cross impact and honestly that is way too good since it would open up more ways for GX to fight. If you think GX is now useless because you can't kill without auto SB then you should just quit playing the class. Anyone who fully relies on auto sb sucks anyways, no offense.
  11. Imminent

    PvP Balancing Discussion

    So yesterday, auto sb headgears finally got a nerf but it was overkill I think. What does everyone think about it? Personally i'd say that auto sb headgears that gives demi human reduction should have only level 10 auto sonic blow and the rest that don't give reduction should remain as it was for obvious reasons. Instances farmers are heavily affected by this since they're relying so hard on it. I get it, no one should be able to solo it easily but the gears needed for the instances are expensive and not easily obtained. I suggest that we should have the level 70 sonic blow on auto sb gears that give no reduction since they're easily killed in PvP but is very helpful in PvE.
  12. Imminent

    PvP Balancing Discussion

    About time for asura to get a nerf. I'll gladly volunteer for it
  13. Imminent

    Bling Bling ✨😛

    jensen da most byutipul gurl in dro history
  14. Imminent

    5vs5 PvP Tournament - (April 18)

    Can we have pets disabled? They're being too much and I can't keep up with them anymore. I'd be nice if it was pre renewal where you'd have only nightmare pet with anti sleep but now pets are giving too much bonuses. Matk,ATK,stats,size damage, you name it.