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  1. L i b r a

    Introduction to Costume Headgears

    hi fgt. You should come back!
  2. L i b r a

    Introduction to Costume Headgears

    Fashion voucher's worth 3 tokens just like the required amount to turn your item into a costume. Makes sure that donation tokens sells and a way to get rid of them. Win/Win situation for both donator and server.
  3. L i b r a

    Sorcerer Guide by Antimatter- | Renewal

    Yeah. Undead armor / howling wind shoes with amon ra card / saint's ring and balance your def with naglfar [ whitesmith / corruption card / valkyrie card / celine kimi card] and a shield with hades card. Hades card melee reflects allow you to proc your card weapons even when you're not attacking. With this build, you're immune to statuses and have high hp. Just gotta work on that LP/WOF/Dispell and stone curse
  4. L i b r a

    Sorcerer Guide by Antimatter- | Renewal

    Updated the guide. I've analyzed and find this one still working but had to adjust it a bit. I would probably update it again
  5. I'm back I guess.

    1. Aan


      new guild

    2. L i b r a

      L i b r a

      new guild, no players ☹️

  6. L i b r a

    1vs1 PvP Tournament 7/27/2019

    You look clueless. This is what's usually being done to see how the classes are doing and it is great if someone with a mechanic class shows up and see how OP it really is. You will see some nerfs or boost after the tournament.
  7. L i b r a

    Sura Guide by Logic-

  8. So clean, so good.

  9. Back to playing DRO again soon!

    1. Yuuvi


      LOL. Welcome back, Ryan. I'll see u around

    2. L i b r a

      L i b r a

      yea. hopefully i'll stick around this time

  10. L i b r a

    Changes on Forums and Staff Team

    should've been done ages ago but w/e good luck
  11. L i b r a

    The Super Soldier Project

    Dro 2k19 pvp omegalul
  12. L i b r a

    1st Celine Kimi Card DRO

    more like "look at my +10 libra guiz". Nice clickbait
  13. l0l

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    2. Aya


      Nope I'm on FFXIV now man

    3. L i b r a
    4. Aya


      More like I can be every class on just 1 character.