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  1. L i b r a

    Changes on Forums and Staff Team

    should've been done ages ago but w/e good luck
  2. L i b r a

    1st Celine Kimi Card DRO

    more like "look at my +10 libra guiz". Nice clickbait
  3. l0l

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      Nope I'm on FFXIV now man

    3. L i b r a
    4. Aya


      More like I can be every class on just 1 character. 

  4. L i b r a

    Malangdo Instance and BG update

    Good Update, Nice cards but the pvp classes and their skills are currently out of control. I think its best to have this not work in any PvP active maps until PvP gets balanced. It's kinda hard to deal with pvp when the previous ones are yet to be balanced and there is few more to be added again. EDIT: These cards are too good to only have that fast instance cooldown, it should at least be a day or two IMO cuz we don't want the players already having 50+ cards on its first week.
  5. L i b r a

    Do you want PVP? Come and get some!

    LUL. As if you were someone who actually knew how the PVP worked, you just relied on 0delay and even had the courage to make a "sorc guide" when u had 0 idea how the class should actually be played. @Topic as much as I would hate to say it, the server is more focused on trying to increase it's activity by adding new updates (which of course is needed to try and keep the players to stick around) instead of fixing whats been broken since this turned to renewal. I am talking about the class balances, bugs (skills,items,dungeons). There is really not much newbies can do or even a veteran like me to hop in and join the fun since the current PvP is all about huge parties and ganging not to mention the overpowered jobs that can kill you under 5 seconds which is by the way absurd since even a prepared PvP party can get wiped easily by a ninja/ranger or a minstrel. This server needs to balance the current jobs and their skills if it wants to increase its PvP activity because as of now, most players would rather just sit and afk or do something else since there is literally nothing they can do to fight back unless of course they are used to die 10x just to get a kill. Arost being one of the current support players still surprises me btw
  6. When you feel like coming back to play again but everyone you know and have played with is no longer around.



  7. L i b r a

    Donate with Paypal

  8. L i b r a


    every veteran who makes a goodbye post is bound to comeback few months later which is why I did not do it LOL (I still visit the game though)
  9. L i b r a

    What are you listening to?

    dis and my whiskey after work hits the fukin spot everytime
  10. L i b r a


    Including my +8 libra that I let you have during my inactivity (up til now)? You fuck.
  11. L i b r a

    Lvl 4 Eweapon

    your weapon should automatically be level 4 once you've hit major rank in your division and 12k weapon kills Didn't have any issue with my sorcerer
  12. L i b r a


    ^ I see that you're still spreading cancer when it comes to sura where you pop out of nowhere and saying how badly the suras need that OP asura to 1 hit everyone and how it would kill the job completely if it gets nerfed (Already nerfed but its still fucking OP IMO). @Topic Nerf asura to the point that it would not 1 hit a player that is only using ghostring and asprika (Currently 1 hits any player that is using Ghostring + Asura and is only possible to survive if you go deviling + ghostring but that would make you take so much damage from other elements) cuz the boost was a fucking joke as it is now to make them useful in wars (That was at least HaZe mentioned before cuz the skills is "meant to do alot of damage" to the point that you are forced to go ghostring and get raped by warlocks in wars). The current renewal Sura's only issue is their Finger Offensive's Spam,, this skill was the most used skill by every Sura (Except turk cuz everyone knows he doesn't do shit but asura) since they are able to safely do damage without being so thanable but it the skill was killed by renewal's click delay. I say, if it was possible to adjust AV's spam, why is it not possible to do it with FO? After all, the skill was spam-able before this game turned into Renewal so I don't think there would be an issue if the skills is made spam-able. It may turn into a shitfest and encouraged players to create suras and abuse it but it isn't just a class that you could abuse with 1 skill and would still require hours of practice to execute the combos. As one of the oldest pre renewal Sura player who got to test the renewal change, I would say that this class turned into a joke that has to rely on Asura (Might aswell just remove all your offensive skilsl and put Asura from f1 to f9 LOL) cuz executing offensive combo is now kind of impossible due to click-delay which interrupts your spams when it gets way too fast. It's so sad that I have practiced countless of hrs with my Sura only to have it get killed by Renewal
  13. L i b r a

    "Only an Act of True Love Can Thaw a Frozen Heart"

    I feel bad for the frozen npc being molested by dis ladyboy