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  1. I see some people back in my days seems still playing dRO. Sup people

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    2. JustMe


      @Seamlessill see if i can make it this week's WoE

    3. Seamless


      alright! Just come geffen anytime you can, that's where i usually am.

    4. Feurille


      Wow enemy 70 wowowowow.

  2. JustMe

    All Purpose WL Guide V2

    I believe some of you might wondering why you couldn't open my previous guide , i asked forum SP to hide the link and remove its content because i believe it is outdated , and in addition it will be easier to write everything from zero than editing them one by one (for me at least) , so here it is , an updated guide from me (as i believe it is) Note : I will mention everything that i used/anything that i have , which means everything were tested and all of them worked for me and if you thing you have a better replacement for things i mentioned later , please do so , thank you Note 2 : As for alternative(s) , i will mention everything that i know that is possible as a replacement Note 3 : This guide required you to be at least a hero rank D Addition : TOG Build To be added/edited later