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  1. bryan31

    Malangdo Instance and BG update

    great update!! though i cant seem to locate the silvervine fruit...
  2. bryan31

    Scripts In-Game

    ehh if your using windows 10 or above u have to change the safety settings of ahk to allow for use. ( find ahk .exe file in program files and allow to run as admin)
  3. bryan31

    Battle Grounds

    ehh could some one moved this topic to another forum topic...( questions and answers) i thought this was an update to battle ground..
  4. bryan31

    Taming/Capture Monster

    to my knowledge u cannot capture mvps with abracadabra but instead purchase them through ingame currencies event tickets or golden pet coin. However on that note some custome pets can be captured as long s they are not mvps (incarnation of morocc is the first that comes to mind).
  5. bryan31

    Do you want PVP? Come and get some!

    nvm lol fixed
  6. bryan31

    Do you want PVP? Come and get some!

    any update to this?
  7. bryan31

    Do you want PVP? Come and get some!

    it seems like deaths are counting to the pvp score of the race even if your not in ha .... pls kindly check on this...
  8. bryan31

    Do you want PVP? Come and get some!

    looks great....! hopefully this will help pvp thrive and try to get noobies involved as well!!! keep up the good work
  9. bryan31


    did u activate your account? some times when accounts are not activated thier registered as banned.
  10. bryan31

    Energy Coat Bug?

    If this was true then all sources of damage should be reduced. Through my testing ive seen two skills not reduce its damage cart termination, and acid demonstration. Unless energy coat has been changed I see no reason why these skills would also not be reduced as well. Also based on ratemyserver its stated that energy coat reduces physical damage Imm just trying to get the bottom here of whether or not energy coat blocks all incoming damage or not.....
  11. bryan31

    Energy Coat Bug?

    After more testing it seems energy coat is reductions alot more than just physical attacks.... Atm its reducing damage from physical and magic attacks.....
  12. bryan31

    Energy Coat Bug?

    Recently energy coat has been buffed~ Increased Energy Coat's damage reduction from 30% at 80~100% SP to 40% reduction, 32% at 60~80% SP, 24% at 40~60% SP, 16% at 20~40% SP, 8% at 1~20% SP While testing the effects of the new reduction of energy coat, I came across something interesting. Energy Coat atm seems to reduce damage of reflected magic back at the caster. Through my time playing Ragnarok I always thought that energy coat reduced physical damage received by sacrificing sp. Unless renewal changed reflected magic to physical damage i dont see why energy coat would reduce said damage.
  13. bryan31

    Power Swing Error in game

    if u use simplified grf it will cause an error just disable simplified grf so no error will occur
  14. bryan31

    Newbie Questions

    PvP in this server , donations are a must HOWEVER donations can be acquired in game from players at reasonable prices (its not gonna takes u months to get one donation item) Draconus Scale- Draconus Mvp can be found in mag_dun02, farmers of the mvps will often shout in main chat when they have killed and where so noobies can acquired its scale (scale is char bound). You can also fight a weaker verison of Draconus in hero temple by paying 1b zeny to get its scale. 100 Warrior Skulls- verterans of the game will usually give u the skulls if u shout im main 5 Young twigs - we have a mvp room where u can farm youn twigs from mistress @warp pvp_n_3-2
  15. bryan31

    Neutral Barrier

    let me also refer u to the Changelog~ January 15, 2018 Reduced mechanic's Neutral Barrier duration from 60 seconds to 30 seconds. Increased mechanic's Neutral Barrier cool down from 10 seconds to 15 seconds. aswell as a recent post about mechanics lol~ The fact is the mechanics are barely used in pvp situations.....