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  1. bryan31

    Power Swing Error in game

    if u use simplified grf it will cause an error just disable simplified grf so no error will occur
  2. bryan31

    Newbie Questions

    PvP in this server , donations are a must HOWEVER donations can be acquired in game from players at reasonable prices (its not gonna takes u months to get one donation item) Draconus Scale- Draconus Mvp can be found in mag_dun02, farmers of the mvps will often shout in main chat when they have killed and where so noobies can acquired its scale (scale is char bound). You can also fight a weaker verison of Draconus in hero temple by paying 1b zeny to get its scale. 100 Warrior Skulls- verterans of the game will usually give u the skulls if u shout im main 5 Young twigs - we have a mvp room where u can farm youn twigs from mistress @warp pvp_n_3-2
  3. bryan31

    Neutral Barrier

    let me also refer u to the Changelog~ January 15, 2018 Reduced mechanic's Neutral Barrier duration from 60 seconds to 30 seconds. Increased mechanic's Neutral Barrier cool down from 10 seconds to 15 seconds. aswell as a recent post about mechanics lol~ The fact is the mechanics are barely used in pvp situations.....
  4. bryan31

    Item Missing

    carts often glitch out when u put any item with four slots in them. Using the control panel u can check to see if ur items are still in ur cart and u can try to send a support tix to get them back.
  5. bryan31

    Faith skill of crusaders

    considering the fact that faith gives 50% resistance to holy at lvl 10 i dont think it needs a buff. If any thing it should be a small hp increase (maybe 100k or 50k at lvl 10).