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  1. bryan31

    All purpose build for HHH

    bumped/ edited to include video
  2. bryan31

    All purpose build for HHH

    You wanna do hhh but your main char sucks at pve? Are you having trouble killing mobs in hhh? Dont worry .... I have the solution for you!!!!! Pan's all purpose HHH Build First off this build is a very general build that works for me.... It can be optimized to each class to out put more damage but with that said this build works for me. Gear- Upper Head Gear- dark lord mask (gives meteor storm lvl 7) | kiel d-01 card Mid Head Gear- -45 delay wings / magic rare | vesper card Lower Head Gear- candy wing (for perma endure) |kiel d-01 card Armor- executioner armor / keeper armor (any armor with high + rate) | fused angeling card Weapon- any wep with high matk (mostly your eltie wep)| rangdris | graceful , kimi , 2 zakduams Shield- any shield with high def or element resist( ex. valk shield) |alice card or thara frog card Garment-nidhoggurs garb or any other reduction manteau| salamander card Shoes- twilight boots | fallen bishop card Asseories- 2x alchemy gloves | scaraba card Stats- str- around 200(to carry items) agi- 192 (or till u have 195aspd) vit- 400+ (a good amount of vit to not instant die) int- 450+ (max int to maximize damage) dex- 172 (or instant cast) luk- rest on luk (luk will also increase damage of gc since luk now adds matk/atk in rewenal) How Does this work? As your can see above your main form of damage is through meteor storm. By mobbing mobs and spamming meteor storm (which alot of mobs are not resistant to) u can kill a fairly good amount of them. Also by using fused angeling mobs such as the ab and the rk can have thier element changed to undead and killed fairly quickly Results Using the build on my gene i can average an amount of 1.3k badges- 1.5k badges or around 500hc per hhh.
  3. bryan31

    Royal Guard- Grand Cross PvE/ PvP

    bumped to include grand cross build for hhh
  4. hmm............

    thinking of sharing a guide on general information about  the new hhh as well as a farming build with rg

    1. liyaperfidious


      Yeeeeees. Just knowing their properties would be good too.

  5. bryan31

    PALK's Elite Hero Weapon Quest

    DISCLAIMER: THIS IS NOT MINE, I DO NOT TAKE CREDIT FOR IT IMM ONLY POSTED THIS ONTO HER CAUSE THE ORGINAL WEBSITE NO LONGER WORKS AND U CAN NO LONGER ACCESS THE INFO Elite Hero Weapon Quests Feb. 27th, 2011 12:18 pm palk Since everyone has been asking for a guide, here are some quick ones. Screenshots will come later. ==================================================================== Eitri: Eitri is found on Thanatos Tower, floor 6. You have to walk up from floor 5 to get to him. He's on the upper left side of the first area you find yourself in. Before he gives you your first weapon, he wants you to help one of his acquaintances out. You can choose any of the six things to do below: ==================================================================== Luminary Fragments Quest Dawn Essence 1. Make sure you've completed The Sign and Kiel Hyre before continuing. 2. Have 10 Emblem of the Sun God and 300 Crystal Fragments on hand. Note: If you failed The Sign, you need 15 Emblem of the Sun God, 600 Crystal Fragments, and 1 Billion Zeny to proceed. 3. You're done! Cold Moonlight 1. Make sure you have 700 Elite Hero Kills. This might take a while, so it might be better to save this until you've made your first weapon. 2. Have 15 of each: Fragment of Agony, Fragment of Sorrow, Fragment of Hatred, Fragment of Despair, and 40 Skeletal Armor Piece. 3. The warlock will then ask you several questions. You'll be prompted to input certain words, so enter the following in order: Fear Hatred Agony Sorrow Despair Death 4. You'll get the Cold Moonlight. Congrats. Hazy Starlight 1. Make sure the Arunafeltz and Schwartzvald quest arcs are completed. 2. Have 100 Loki's Whispers and 300 Dark Crystal Fragments on hand. 3. Profit. Dusk Glow 1. Have a Dawn Essence, Cold Moonlight, and Hazy Starlight in your inventory. They do not have to be from the quests. 2. Have Lucifer's Lament in your inventory. 3. Gather 300 Crystal Fragments and 200 Fragments of Darkness. 4. Finished! ====================================================================== Hero's Remains Quest Note: Kiel Hyre Quest or the Schwartzvald Quest Arc must be completed before Lost Valkyrie will speak to you. 1. Speak to Lost Valkyrie (ra_san01 139 270). Agree to help her out, and she'll tell you to look for a dwarf named Brokkr, who is studying some ancient ruins in a cave somewhere. 2. Speak to the Son of Ivaldi, Brokkr (jupe_cave 151 51). He's deeply engrossed in his work, so you'll have to talk to him quite a few times until you get his attention. 3. After you manage to get his attention, he'll tell you to look for a piece of metal he left in his room in his home. He quite literally tells you he lives in a cave. 4. Go to cave 130 50 and make your way through the passage to the right. Click on the chair to get a Brynhildr Armor Piece. 5. Go back to Valkyrie, who will then tell you to go find a swordswoman named Sieglinde. 6. Sieglinde is located in prt_fild01. She moves around, so you need to look for her, although she prefers the left half of the map most of the time. Once you talk to her, she'll start smacking you around, so make sure you have enough HP to spare. 7. She'll ask you for a proof of your word. Type in "Brynhildr Armor Piece" in the input prompt. She'll then give you Andvari's Ring. (Note: If you input the name wrong, you'll be warped to a random spot on the field. Be careful.) 8. Back to Valkyrie again, and she confirms your suspicions of who you're trying to hunt. Before you can draw the spirit back, however, she needs 200 Valhalla Flowers as an offering. 9. Once you've given the flowers, talk to Valkyrie again and she'll warp you to the map of the seal. You have ten minutes to complete this part of the quest before you're automatically warped out. 10. Walk down the long path, making sure to get both message prompts that pop up. Once you reach the end of the path, you're given a choice to proceed or warp out. 11. Once you proceed, you must fight Spirit of Brynhildr. (Note: Only one person can be on the map at a time, and if it won't let you proceed, either someone is on the map or you're missing the items you got earlier.) 12. After defeating her, talk to the Valkyrie, and then talk to her again in the Sanctuary. She'll give you the Hero's Remains as thanks. ========================================================================= Goddess Tear Quest Note: To start this quest, you must either have The Sign in your inventory (the equippible one) or have finished Peace in Arunafeltz. 1. Speak with the Wayfarer in Prontera Church (prt_church 96 116). After a round of introductions, speak to her again to learn her plight. 2. Depending on the criteria you've accomplished, choose either the first or second option to continue. She'll then tell you a tale about Freya's Tear, and then ask you to go see her brother Sindaj on the outskirts of Veins. 3. Find Sindaj outside of the town (ve_fild06 84 237) and talk to him. He'll tell you about the various pieces of valuable jewels he's found regarding Freya's Tear, and tells you the best place to look is outside Thor Volcano. 4. Go to ve_fild03. There are numerous spots to start mining in, and Sindaj says that you have to work from the outside in. With that in mind, head over to the area in the northwest, around 33 155. At this point, walk around near the corner until you see a progress bar appear over your head. You have to stand still during the whole duration for the next part to proceed. If you successfully mined something, you'll see more text come up, but you'll see the Refine Fail animation if you don't. Just keep trying. Eventually, you'll get the text and be prompted to move to the next spot. Head to these spots in the following order: -252 175 -118 206 -315 260 -143 238 Once you receive the prompt for the last stone, you'll be warped back to Sindaj. 5. After berating you on your carelessness, Sindaj will examine the stone you found. Talk to him repeatedly until he tells you more, and then he'll want you to gather more minerals and stones to perfect the one you found. Bring him the following items: 25 Biotite 25 Muscovite 25 Pholgopite 25 Pyroxene 25 Citrin 30 Rose Quartz 30 Peridot 30 Turquoise 30 Agate He'll then polish the stone up for you and tell you to give it back to Elias. 6. Go back to Elias. She thanks you for your effort and gives you the stone you worked hard to find, the Goddess Tear. ======================================================================= Second Weapon: To get your second weapon, you need all six of the above items, and you need to have completed the four prerequisite quests (The Sign, Kiel Hyre, Peace in Arunafeltz, and Rebellion) to get it. It doesn't matter how you get the items, however. Please leave any questions or feedback in the comments. Thank you~
  6. bryan31

    Press Your Luck Zeny Update

    i guess my lucks gone too lol
  7. bryan31

    Bubble Gum Farming

    * Notice : I do not consider this a bug nor do I consider this an exploit : u can do this an any char and the bubble gum is part of our achievement system : i prefer to use a Paladin Class since it has Grand Cross Ever wanted to do an instance and couldn't find a bubble gum? How about farming some mvp's and wanted a better chance of getting a card? How about free zeny? Dreamero has a system know as achievement system. This achievement system gives u rewards depending on what u accomplish on the system. One of the achievements rewards u with a bubble gum ( reaching level 500). This bubble gum is TRADEABLE. Knowing this we can farm bubble gums..... Step 1: Register a dummy account Step 2: Create a Char Step 3: leveling up fast. The fastest way to level is to use the warp @warp izlu2dun and use the mercenary to kill the mobs once u level up to a crusader u can now dissmiss your mercenary and now kill mobs using the skill grand cross stats: as shown below str:99 agi:1 vit: (200+) int: 200 dex: 102 luk:1 Step 4: Once you reach lvl 500 u can collect your bubble gum and trade it to another account to use it Once u fill up your dummy account u can delete all your chars and repeat...
  8. my forum account only has 0.02mb attachment size lol..........

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      That enough u fag xD 

  9. bryan31

    Battleground Rewards Update

    nvm i just saw the new updated prices on he gums LOL
  10. bryan31

    Dreamer RO Christmas 2018 [ Finish ]

    The golden witch hat bonus damage to demi human(20%) seems to be not applying
  11. bryan31

    Horror Factory Instance Update

    Was testing some stuff.... The recover effect of gentle heart is only healing 300 hp instead of the written effect of 30k hp I would add a screen shot but for some reason the max upload size is only .02mb lol.....
  12. bryan31

    Halloween Event [2018] Finale

    One of the craftable seasonal item [nightmare ghost] is account bound, though the post above says its tradeable.....
  13. bryan31

    Halloween Event [2018] Finale

    atm the new pets give +10 stats to all
  14. bryan31

    Horror Factory Instance Update

    The key npc for the closed mind box is gone lol.....
  15. bryan31

    1st Celine Kimi Card DRO

    jean your rage quit gave us power 2nd card of server and 2 cards for our raid team!