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  1. now thats ninjas been nerfed ill w8 and see if pvp starts back up XD

    1. S N I F F U P

      S N I F F U P

      Good luck bruh, i know you can do more 👍👍👍

  2. PanFlippingCake

    Phantasmagoria - Knight Ares MVP Guide~

    u can get them from division coins in cod mall or as a drop from celine kimi
  3. PanFlippingCake

    Hi peeps

    welcome back kino
  4. PanFlippingCake

    Spaming keys with Autohotkey~

    updated to included a new feature to change delay
  5. PanFlippingCake

    Greymap and Simplified Skills

    Grey Map for Dreamero
  6. PanFlippingCake

    Spaming keys with Autohotkey~

    w/o key is for skills that dont need a mouse click, for example ma or rolling cutter I can adjust the delay cause i have the script but this is a exe so it cant be adjusted.
  7. check out my new ahk.exe in

    Spaming keys with Autohotkey~


    1. CJ0208


      Woow this is good...

    2. CJ0208


      would u give the code sir pan.?

  8. PanFlippingCake

    Spaming keys with Autohotkey~

    bump~ the exe is up just w8 for the video to process~ updated link since google drive being a bitch
  9. PanFlippingCake

    Spaming keys with Autohotkey~

    90% done
  10. PanFlippingCake

    Spaming keys with Autohotkey~

    ive actually been working on something for this to make it more "noob" friendly though i do not know when ill be done with it lol. Its alot of key's i gotta program ..............zzzzzzzzzzz..............................
  11. PanFlippingCake

    Grey Map for Dreamero

    added another direct link since some pple were having issues with tiny url.
  12. PanFlippingCake

    Grey Map for Dreamero

    This grey map is basically an edited verison of dark.grf which can be found in: https://ragnarok.life/wiki/index.php?title=Gray_World How is this different? 1. Includes maps that are exlusive to Dreamero ( pvp maps, hhh, caspen) 2. Has no Zoom feature where u can zoom in and out of any map (cough* casino cough*) 3. Removed Gutterlines (u probally dont know what that is lol) How to install? Its pretty easy honestly all u do is copy and paste the dark.grf into your dreamero folder. Then u edit Data.ini Should look Something like this: Download Link (its a google drive file lol): https://tinyurl.com/dreamerogreymap OR https://drive.google.com/file/d/1mgXEBOIoPuEj7gnqNujYp186_al4yctZ/view?usp=sharing
  13. PanFlippingCake

    Movement Speed Stacking

    if imm not wrong movement speed caps out at 60%. Also almost all gears with moment speed does not stack (only the largest movement speed of the gears will give movement speed) however this is an exception to this which is super sonic boots that do stack with gears (15% moment speed) until 60% walk spd.
  14. PanFlippingCake

    PvP Balancing Discussion

    u should probally bump the topic about FA , alot of suggestions get lost in the mix lol