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  1. PanFlippingCake

    Mining Macro Script Guide for Dummies

    try using this script.. this works for me ~End:: Random, rand, 1000, 2000 SLeep, 50 Send, %rand% sleep, 10 Loop{ if GetKeyState("Delete", "p") break send, {Enter} if GetKeyState("Delete", "p") break sleep 0 } return Home:: Loop, 1{ Send, +detect Sleep, 0 Send, {Enter} sleep, 50 Send, +@jump Send, {Enter} Sleep, 50 Send, +detect.. Sleep, 0 Send, {Enter} } return pgUp:: Loop, 1 { Send, {m}{a}{k}{e} Sleep, 0 send, {enter} sleep, 300 send, +make Sleep, 0 send, {enter} sleep, 0 } return
  2. PanFlippingCake

    Mining Macro Script Guide for Dummies

    i just tested that script and i have no problems.... Do u have the home key on your keyboard? If not then just remap that key to another key for example instead of Home:: change it to f9:: here is a list of suffexes of ahk keys https://www.autohotkey.com/docs/KeyList.htm
  3. PanFlippingCake

    Halloween Event 2019 [Finale]

    not talking about duel clienting lol imm talking about if u complete trails of horror it stops u from re entering on that same account ( forced cool down). I was just wondering if using a different account was illegal.
  4. PanFlippingCake

    Baneada por olvidar mi contraseña

    Tienes que mandar un support ticket con tus datos para recuperar tus quentas. A qui http://playdreamerro.com/support/
  5. PanFlippingCake

    Halloween Event 2019 [Finale]

    @Sadie is using an alt char to do HoT illegal? Sometimes i end up finishing HoT pretty earlier and imm just wondering if i can go on another account to do it. I just dont wana do anything stupid lol.
  6. PanFlippingCake

    I cant remember Wolfman hat NPC location

    @warp moc_fild13 203 201 imm pretty sure its a step by step quest wear u hand in the items 1 by one.
  7. its ugly but at least i got greymap to work XD


    1. verrdii


      wow nice, is greymap legal?

    2. PanFlippingCake


      it is legal also i did some cleaning up on it XD


    3. verrdii


      wow really? can i copy that grey map haahha 🤣

  8. PanFlippingCake

    Halloween Event 2019 [Finale]

    his trying to ruin my shadow chaser build lol
  9. PanFlippingCake

    Shadow Chaser Holiday Farm~

    lol true
  10. PanFlippingCake

    Shadow Chaser Holiday Farm~

    update to this guide thanks to the introduction of floating fabric dex now changed from 172 to 1 or wep change to 1 chepet 2 cecil demons using safety gem will also negate the teleportation
  11. PanFlippingCake

    Halloween Event 2019 [Finale]

    maybe if thier was a card that could change your armor to undead property hmmmmmm.
  12. PanFlippingCake

    Halloween Event 2019 [Finale]

    hmmmmmmmm if only thier was an armor card that would counter evil druid hmmmmmmmmmmmm like maybe it made u unable to be hit buy undead/ shadow attacks and made you unable to be made stoned hmmmmmmmmmmm
  13. PanFlippingCake

    Shadow Chaser Holiday Farm~

    was editing for pictures as soon as u posted LOL
  14. PanFlippingCake

    Shadow Chaser Holiday Farm~

    fyi this is my build and ive seen others attempt and try to do this lol Requirements: at least 100% after cast delay and howling boots Items Consumed : Alcohol Gear List: Gear- Upper Head Gear- angeling beanie | kiel d-01 card Mid Head Gear- -45 delay wings / | kiel d-01 card Lower Head Gear- Night Vision Googles | anything honestly Armor- any armor | any card atm Weapon- any elemental sword | 2cecil demons 1x chepet Shield- any shield (or any anti push back shield ex. strong shield) OR IF YOUR FUCKING RICH +8 oblesik shield |alice card Garment- valkyrie manteau (+4 for reflect)| kasa Shoes- howling boots | dark lord card Asseories- 2x alchemy gloves | gazeti card or gem of safety Stats- str- around 400(to carry items) agi- 168 (or till u have 195aspd) vit- 1+ (a good amount of vit to not instant die) int- 500+ (max int so u dont need to carry recovery sp items) dex- 1 (or 2 cecil demons) luk- 1 How does this Work? First off you copy the skills Illusion Doping and Meteor Storm. Illusion Doping is a genetic 3rd job skill that has insane aoe at least 50x50 Meteor Storm is used with conjunction of auto spell cast( a skill chasers have) Find a large mob and use illusion doping to attract agro Mob the mob in a small circle then begin auto attacking with auto spell active You auto cast skills should proc Is this faster than GX Mecury Relic? Yes absolutely faster how ever using shadow chaser has its downsides Cannot kill any of the boss mobs Cannot kill any of the Peculiar Mobs A Lot of down time search for a large mob Thx for reading and have fun farming in Halloween XD
  15. PanFlippingCake

    Halloween Event 2019 [Finale]

    cough * f angeling * cough