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  1. PanFlippingCake

    T H e o S Guild recruitment

  2. PanFlippingCake

    [QoL] Custom GRFs and Modifications

    so u wana keep normal textures on the floor but everything else disapears?
  3. PanFlippingCake

    [QoL] Custom GRFs and Modifications

    apparently i was messing around with the files and u cant remove animation sprites off of monsters that have pet accessories ( kinda of crashes ) here's a version that excludes all pets with accessories and see if that works better for u guys https://gofile.io/d/d52X3Q
  4. PanFlippingCake

    [QoL] Custom GRFs and Modifications

    if u want one that arldy includes those maps try the one i arldy have on forums : If u want one that's exactly like the one posted by haze above but includes all custom maps, try this one out: https://gofile.io/d/ke7TMN
  5. PanFlippingCake

    [QoL] Custom GRFs and Modifications

    let me just quickly slide into here *cough cough*
  6. PanFlippingCake

    Halloween Event 2020 - [ENDED]

    holloween tokens seem to have a weight to them (1 weigh) maybe it needs to be reduced to 0 since ull be unable to stack 30k lol
  7. PanFlippingCake

    Worldbreaker & Worldbringer BG Sets

    not all classes focus on damage, there are class that support other classes ( spooky stuff right?) that could benefit from a different type of rare set.
  8. PanFlippingCake

    ~Mining Script for the Lazy~

    updated a couple of scripts/ make the posted easier for the eyes
  9. PanFlippingCake

    [Instance Guide] Soloing Old Glast Heim

    lifes got me busy XD
  10. PanFlippingCake

    What are you listening to?

  11. PanFlippingCake

    ~Mining Script for the Lazy~

    yes hold delete key to stop it also i should probably update the topic when imm not lazy lol
  12. PanFlippingCake

    Bye Dro

  13. solo guide for kimi/ ogh soon?!

    1. Mitch Planko

      Mitch Planko

      cant wait to see that~~~
      GX, RG or RK?

  14. PanFlippingCake

    Genetic Zeph| Daily Quest Farming: Illusion Doping

    illusion doping has a set cool down i believe
  15. PanFlippingCake

    Spaming keys with Autohotkey~

    updated the download links