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  1. Aaruro

    Sprite Change

    ok figured it out just have to make the folders myself
  2. Aaruro

    Sprite Change

  3. Aaruro

    Dispel on meele attacks

    So this is intended because it was not earlier this bad when I used to play dispel was triggered much faster. Maybe it's changed with rennewal mechancis. It is way too underpowered Specially when it's so easy for a magic class to just auto dispel while doing magic damage. What I am taking about is the trigger chance not the working chance dispel 1 has less chance to work is always as it was but it definitely was able to trigger in PvP now it almost does not trigger in PvP at all.
  4. Aaruro

    Dispel on meele attacks

    I find almost every sec i am dispelled by spell casts but melee attacks via Ragdis card is very rare infant in pvpmode it was not trigging at all when we were just testing in pvpmode I tested it again in the test room and it seems to cast at a very low rate on the test dummy is this intended and whats the reason behind melee attacks dispel being such a low chance esepcially sicne valk card really is a weak card for damage buff compared to all the new custom cards the major advantage was the dispel