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  1. Jell-O

    bard and dancer sfx

    http://www.mediafire.com/file/t500cqt9o4w59nb/wav.rar/file @Seamless ccopy this to your data folder so everytime someone either you or other players cast forget me not it will play How You Like That instead
  2. Jell-O

    bard and dancer sfx

  3. Jell-O

    bard and dancer sfx

    Didnt know we can change sfx until now @Latte
  4. Jell-O

    Item List [Boss]

    Cards: Vesper card (ignores 30% of Boss-type monster's MDEF [Stackable]) Abysmal Knight Card (Increase damage on Boss monster by 25%. [Stackable]) Headgears: Mr Hopping (2 slots for +15% physical) Mrs Hopping (2 slots for +15% magic) Ancient Seal Hat (1 slot both +15% physical and magic) Saiyan 3 Hair (1 sloth both +15% physical and magic) Ladybug Wings
  5. Happy father's day to all dads out there like me and to their/our fathers as well, also happy fathers day to dRO's dad @HaZe wishing for more great updates and implementations!! #LongLiveDRO

  6. Jell-O

    Vending Items - Web Add-On

    +1 added this in our wiki under Marketplace, great update! thank you!! Edit: Ah! item ID isnt working yet tho. but still great update!
  7. Jell-O

    Help with Einbroch Murder Quest

    Look at this, my SN can even warp in the room and its not even doing the quest just skip the password at the door and use warp ein_in01 256 35 talk to the scientist then go on with the quest Note: Make sure you're outside before warping because you cant use @warp/@go inside einbroch
  8. Jell-O


    Last time i was here was back in 2016 https://postimg.cc/TLxZ5Kmp
  9. Jell-O

    Help with Einbroch Murder Quest

    hello you can just warp directly to ein_in01 256 35 and talk directly to the scientist inside
  10. it's been 5 years since I joined and this server never ceases to amaze me

    let's all write and renew our reviews in RMS: http://www.playdreamerro.com/forums/index.php?/forum/45-review-us-at-ratemyserver/

  11. Jell-O

    Movement Speed Stacking

    plus halloween scarf
  12. Jell-O

    Heaven Flower Quest

    @Gabby Zeus you can check for updates about heaven flower here
  13. Jell-O

    Heavenly Flower Unquestable.

    hello please refer to this comment and wait for updates thank you for your patience