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  1. Jell-O

    Goodbye *for now*

    Ur still around the forums Marco?
  2. Jell-O

    Goodbye *for now*

    thanks guys for the fun momments thank you see you soon. i gotchu!! I will be updating you in social media brother
  3. Jell-O

    Goodbye *for now*

    yeah I will be gone for a long long while, maybe a year or two until i get my own PC, PERSONAL BLESSINGS . Thank you Seam, Jicco, Wan, Xil, Xel, Fira, Sadie, Snow, Aselica, Sniffup, SeanDre, ClaudiaCreed, and @HaZe, to all the CVL/Legends/Mugen/Demons peeps who are in @go 18, BUT I WILL BE STILL CHECKING THE FORUMS FOR UPDATES, SO YA'LL SEE ME AROUND COMMENTING AND TROLLING SOMEONE HERE tho no one knows who i am but the people mentioned above knows me this is just a quick and boring goodbye, godspeed dRO! see you all later your original TRAP (ArchBishopMargaretha) Hanzelo.
  4. Jell-O

    Jell-O's B/S/T

  5. Jell-O


    Sorry brother, its tempting really
  6. Jell-O


    Phantom Sprite ChangeI believe that it's more fun to kill player looking mobs so I modeled each mob from some member of the staff team. However it comes with a downside and you'll need to press shift or use /ns to attack them using single target skills. But I believe it's a minor inconvenience compared to such grand opportunity to PK a staff team member that you love. Click here for the Announcement about Phantasmagoria Update New Phantasmagoria update has new mob sprites (SP TEAM's sprites) so this is not a build guide (your build could work depending on your job (i don't judge )) but instead this will be the new sprites' elements inside phantasmagoria. Mob IDs are 2549 and above you can check em yourself THE SAID ELEMENTS BELOW MEANS THE MOB'S ELEMENT NOT THE ELEMENT TO USE FOR THEM Name ELEMENT Calysta - Holy 1 Latte - Dark 3 Tsuchie - Poison 4 Xel - Water 4 Symphoria - Undead 4 Faymont - Holy 1 Calla - Ghost 3 Habibeti - Fire 4 Kuro Akuma - Wind 3 Alahia - Fire 4 Mia - Holy 1 Ordoc - Wind 4 Ju - Ghost 3 Hora - Holy 1 So lets all enjoy killing the SP team clones
  7. Jell-O

    HHH update 2020

    i love this part, and... So thats why you're testing some SP team clones :)
  8. Jell-O

    WoE Castle Rotation & Treasure Update

    Some are tradeable some are not.
  9. Jell-O

    Jell-O's B/S/T

  10. Jell-O

    Jell-O's B/S/T

    Up.. Well, it can wait too just send a message here in forums when you're going to take it.
  11. Jell-O

    Jell-O's B/S/T

    i need zeny
  12. Jell-O

    Jell-O's B/S/T

  13. Jell-O

    Full Support Arch Bishop Guide (PVP)

    This almost made my lungs collapse well this really is the time to revive AB, I miss my AB too. I almost made a guide as well but when i knew that AB classes are slowly dying i stopped it halfway too. (I even made a Macro Guide (purposely for AB only) in our club)
  14. Jell-O

    Jell-O's B/S/T