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  1. duddle

    Christmas Event [2019] [End]

    hello..im facing a weird thing. I login into my sinx char...then i hunt using the char..then i switch back to another char to get the item and when i switch back to my sinx its says "the servers still recognize me..please try again few minutes" i have to wait about 30mins to use back my sinx..and again if i change to another char, and change back the message keep poping up..is there a problem with the new headgear? the asgard blessing thingy. It is in a same id..how come the server recognize my sinx and unable to login while i can login to other char..... Please help me..
  2. duddle

    Christmas Event [2019] [End]

    heii all...is it only me...or i just wasted about 5 chrismas pet scroll on 0 yggdrasil berry..cant pick it up...it says overweight...sigh....
  3. Thank u...but i already broke my equinox on +4 enhance....i think it going to make it to +5 but turn out BROKE and my hard work become waste...need to make 2nd weapon..wew..mayb not...sigh~