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  1. Ramadhan Al-Mubarak to all Muslims Player in DRO!! stay home! stay safe!

  2. stay home..stay online..stay safe..aahhahahah...

  3. hi how r ya~

    1. GM Miyuki

      GM Miyuki

      I'm doing well~ How you've been lately? Enjoy the rest of your day 😊

    2. Holy
  4. HUMAN..they never satisfied..that is y dealing with animals are better...

  5. any ANIMAL CROSS player? ahahaha~

  6. so~ how r u been...

  7. april...please be nice~

  8. an event i cant really join..the line is bad..

    1. duddle


      hello beautiful people~ stay safe!

  9. how poor am i?

    if my id got hack, i help the hacker found any zeny..sigh~

  10. i know right~ 😒

  11. stay safe dreamer~ corvid19 spreading fast~ stay home play DRO~

  12. cant relate~ sigh~

  13. Nerve of some people. Because of ur attitude, ur make everyone think is okay to do it...annoying much~ roll eyes