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  1. Please please please please please bring back Dragon Totem please please please please please .
  2. PattyAnn

    Instance Card Availability

    There's no princess at level 100, it's another version of the abyss queen with no card drop, only insignias.
  3. PattyAnn

    Instance Card Availability

    99 boss Is realized amdarais and there's no such card in server.
  4. PattyAnn

    Summer Bash 2021 - [Phase 4]

    That too but they will never do that so I saved that comment
  5. PattyAnn

    Summer Bash 2021 - [Phase 4]

    I'm wishing for the 20% atk & matk aura as new item, also 25/30% range attack headgear and 25% damage to all races rare (with delay) heh. Shouldn't Scavenger Hunt give 100 coins at least? Can we have coins from HHH's PK Kill and also if you die, please? Can we have coins from each kill in BG and also if you die, please? Can we have coins from each kill in 500 PvP and also if you die, please?
  6. PattyAnn

    Cheap SC BG build

    Changes: Everything. Shadow Chasers are killers not supporters. Go bow or Skynet blow build, stop using such sad builds. Those skills does not help winning BG. Even shadow form with -50% resistance would work better than that.
  7. PattyAnn

    Cheap SC BG build

    Anothe useless SC build instead of making them killers ando useful, sad.
  8. PattyAnn

    Summer Bash 2021 - [Phase 4]

    Thanks HaZe, unfortunately the coins weight 1 I guess, so we won't be able to carry enough weight for SoH/Chests. Can you fix that, please?
  9. PattyAnn

    Re-allowing @pvpmode

    Useless if you use @duel and @invite. I'd rather have the aura that top 10 PK players had.
  10. PattyAnn

    asking to help me build GX crit

    Crit type GX only works for: Killing HHH's MVPs Siren & Lilith Clean & finish Elite Dungeon. Kill Faceworm Queen when she's fire element.
  11. PattyAnn

    B> Expensive items

    +10 STR Boots (10% Large) +10 DEX Boots (10% Large) Artifact of Trial (let me know effect) Echidna Cards Look for me at go 11/18 if you any
  12. PattyAnn

    Abyss Tower - Elite Endless Tower

    May I suggest changing some floors to add more monsters like Taffy/Buffalos/Skeletons please? You know, we got 2 floors full of Ferres and it's easy to get their card but those ones are just one floor and less than 10/12/15 of each kind so it's a bit harder. Any new regarding Khalitzburg/White Knight new drops? Any new regarding updating ED for treasure chests or something? May I suggest adding better drops for trashy bosses? Like vampiric moonlight, abyss dark lord, brinaranea, muspellskol, himel, evil fanatic, evil bishop, abyss ragged golem, venenum, bone detale, abyss thanatos. Basically they add nothing they're just filler monsters, they could drop combat coins, pures, event tickets & divinium ores with high chance, (same for floor 94+ bosses since card is 1%). And was also thinking adding blank cards as common drop in all stages.
  13. PattyAnn

    Easter Rare Poll 2021

    It would be nice to add "Rare of your choice" option in the raffle like the last time :D
  14. PattyAnn

    Easter Event 2021 [Closed]

    Is the drop % of the Hateful Rabbit taming item correct? Just 0.20? Can Hateful Rabbit Card have a 5% HP boost? Can we use tokens/easter items to clean the enchantment of the boots & garments? Maybe
  15. When they talk, let them have it. Their attention is yours.