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  1. PattyAnn

    Halloween Event 2021 - [Phase 4]

    Or a way to exchange spheres into tokens, caspen Is crowded! Not enough monsters
  2. PattyAnn

    Halloween Event 2021 - [Phase 4]

    Come on haze! 3 mobs un the map for over 10 players wtf!
  3. PattyAnn

    [Seasonal] Halloween Event Headgear Preview

    Just let the server die already, don't come up with more updates that won't be enough for ungrateful players.
  4. PattyAnn

    [Seasonal] Halloween Event Headgear Preview

    Hello, why don't you set HoT every 3 hours with or without the waves completed? It's only running from 1am-10am server time when Asian players play and American ones are sleeping so HoT runs 4 times per day, 5 if we are lucky. In the afternoon there are not enough players playing so HoT Is never running, even automated events are empty. This should be strongly considerated
  5. PattyAnn

    [Seasonal] Halloween Event Headgear Preview

    Awful staff answer as usual.
  6. PattyAnn

    [Seasonal] Halloween Event Headgear Preview

    Hello, why there's no good discount on Floor 50 of HoT? -1000 on headgear, come on...
  7. PattyAnn

    Halloween Event 2021 - [Phase 4]

    Hello I just won 500 PvP and I got a bunch of "Unknown Items" in equipment, can I have my 500 halloween tokens, please? Thank you. https://imgur.com/gallery/abQcBO6 And monsters are not dropping items and they die slowly, I think there's a higher limitation with the skills casted because I tested with Holiday Weapon and Elemental Sword and they kill with no difference. PS: Verify if mutant card is working on the map? Maybe it doesn't either, thank you.
  8. PattyAnn

    Elite Enchantress

    Agree, not many may have ranked up elite weapon of support classes like linker/hp because it's not that useful or necessary. Those could get enchantments using zenny maybe?
  9. PattyAnn

    Elite Enchantress

    Hello it's me, suggesting stuff as usual. I think elite glove should be enchanted with division exp since you don't need to kill people for it. (limit 40k Exp) to keep enchanting. And since there are elite scrolls I think the Weapon Expert could have an option to exchange scrolls all at once instead of clicking them 1 by 1. God knows how many someone would purchase to get the enchantment that actually wants.
  10. Please please please please please bring back Dragon Totem please please please please please .
  11. PattyAnn

    Instance Card Availability

    There's no princess at level 100, it's another version of the abyss queen with no card drop, only insignias.
  12. PattyAnn

    Instance Card Availability

    99 boss Is realized amdarais and there's no such card in server.
  13. PattyAnn

    Summer Bash 2021 - [Ended]

    That too but they will never do that so I saved that comment
  14. PattyAnn

    Summer Bash 2021 - [Ended]

    I'm wishing for the 20% atk & matk aura as new item, also 25/30% range attack headgear and 25% damage to all races rare (with delay) heh. Shouldn't Scavenger Hunt give 100 coins at least? Can we have coins from HHH's PK Kill and also if you die, please? Can we have coins from each kill in BG and also if you die, please? Can we have coins from each kill in 500 PvP and also if you die, please?
  15. PattyAnn

    Cheap SC BG build

    Changes: Everything. Shadow Chasers are killers not supporters. Go bow or Skynet blow build, stop using such sad builds. Those skills does not help winning BG. Even shadow form with -50% resistance would work better than that.