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  1. PattyAnn

    Halloween Event 2019 [Phase 1]

    I was hopping to find here the amount of points per monster when the race is running but they ain't shown. I was also hopping to see monsters stats (peculiar, boss, normal and mini boss)
  2. PattyAnn

    Modified Temporal Boots

    I'd like to think that boots wont lose its refine when they get enchanted or otherwise you guys could've waited to upload boots and enchantment together cause people is not going to wait more months...
  3. PattyAnn

    Horror Factory Instance Update

    Why people complain about Celine's HP? I can solo Old Glast Heim in 20 minutes, just came here to check how to avoid coma. Now i'm ready to come back and farm Celine Card I'll solo this too.