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  1. PattyAnn

    how hard is it to speak ENGLISH here

    Well, latin players don't even know I speak spanish because I hang out with pinoys and speak english all the time but every old players knows i'm the mexican in server.
  2. PattyAnn

    2020 Newbie's Draconus Guide

    What my friend said is right, because I wrote you can use autosonic buid for EVERY CHARACTER and also those items, except for the weapon. I wrote that in color letters but seems that people is not reading
  3. PattyAnn

    2020 Newbie's Draconus Guide

    If you wanna save 1b zenny and kill the one in mag_dun02 (can't warp directly so you gotta type @warp mag_dun01 241 241) here's what you need (remember Draconus Scale is character bound which means you can't storage/drop/trade it, DO NOT use a looter pet. The most comfortable build is Auto Sonic Blow and the fastest killer is an Assassin/Guillotine Cross. 1300 HIT, DON'T USE Thanatos Card or Ice Pick and must use & wear: 500 STR/130 AGI/218 VIT/1 INT/330 DEX/ 252 LUK - Punk Beanie (obtainable for 30 V4P) - Any +Stats Wings or Physical Damage to Demi-Human % Wings (if got none don't worry it's just extra damage) - Any damage % aura or Physical Damage to Demi-Human % Aura (if got none don't worry it's just extra damage) ** You can use 2 Gemini-S58 Card/Dark Pinguicula///1 Orc Hero & 2 Dark Pinguicula in those 3 headgears ** - Valkyrie Armor (Ghostring/Tao Gunka if got one of those or Porcellio Card for extra damage) - Any Garment with Wakwak Card (MUST use 500 STR) - Returner's Boots are the best option for Draconus as long as you have them, if they're already removed use any Shoes (Sleipnir if got) you want with HP % cards (Green Ferus) or Fused Eddga if farmed some DQ Tokens. - Bradium Ring with 2 Gold Scarabba Card (or Thief Class Medal of Honor if farmed some Battle Badges and want 5% ATK boost per Medal) - Specialty Jur (dropped from Eremes Guile, @warp lhz_dun02 150 150 to enter the map) or Death Katar from DQ/Coupon (if got that you can use Valkyrie Shield with Alice Card) with 3 Abysmal Knight & 1 Phreeoni Card/2 Abysmal Knight, 1 Turtle General (if got) & 1 Phreeoni (1300 HIT with the stats already mentioned) ** The Draconus spams from 3:30-4 hrs and the ID is 3400 so you gotta use @mobsearch 3400 in the map to make sure you're searching for the right one, once you find it use a Soul Linker for extra damage in your sinx and ANY ELEMENT because it is Ghost Property ** You can try any skills besides autosonic build, in that case you just make sure you got 1300 HIT and non thana weapon. FOR THE DRACONUS IN HERO TEMPLE (AYO_IN02): The most comfortable & fastest build is also Auto Sonic Blow, so if you have magical/ranged character or whatever, you use ALL ITEMS & STATS MENTIONED (except for the katar of course, just replace that one for any 4 slot weapon or any of your choice, perhaps Death Weapons) and you may use 3 Abysmal Knight Card 1 Hydra (since that one got less flee, in case you miss hits just stick to the 3 Abysmal & Phreeoni but it shouldn't miss). This Draconus is different, it is weaker and you must use Holy Element in weapon (Aspersio from Priest Class) and Gloom Under Night (for extra damage if you have one). NOTE: In order to kill the Temple Draconus you MUST HAVE 1,000,000,000 Zenny in inventory (not 1b Bag) and make a party with YOURSELF only.
  4. PattyAnn

    REQUEST > GX to kill Draconus at dungeon

    Nowadays build is that you need 1300 HIT, Abysmal Knight Cards & Demi-Human Damage % or ATK % equipments (if got some, not really needed, just an extra) and NON THANA against Draconus. If you kill the Draconus in mag_dun02 you use Ghost element or any other element to deal damage or if you kill the one in temple you use holy element damage (Aspersio from Priest Class).
  5. Good to know you guys were helped, but I don't know if your guild has been the owner of Honorable Guild, this is why someone opened up this topic because no members of that are getting rewarded or seem not to be rewarded besides guild leader so your guild situation is extra information.
  6. Most of times people leave the account logged in but AFK and there may be no answer to the request, this Screenshot does not prove that there is an answer 24/7, good to see SPs are replying and the reason why I support this topic is because I saw newbies trying hard to get in the guild (even I) and they weren't able to be in the guild, as long as the players who knew about the rewards they asked for them to the guild leader but how many of them were really rewarded, newbies are lazy to do research or read forums I've experienced that myself so if this happens in the Honorable Guild too the whole rewards are almost for the guild leader, it's like helping the same person to get more equipped then because not even real WoE guilds got tha amount of points (I know this is why the new content for WoEless guild) so I think it's not much help to have WoEless guild rewards if not everyone is being rewarded.
  7. Without mentioning previous events, I think this Honorable Guild right now is only rewarding Guild Leader, that's why someone started this discussion. But it is up to players in guild to move on or quit the guild wether they know about the rewards or not.
  8. That's a bad answer, most of newbies don't even know anything about dreamer ro features or ragnarok in general and they @request so many silly questions and I answer anyway, how do you expect them to know about honorable guild payment, most of the users dont even read forums, they are lazy and dont do research... so maybe it really doesnt matter who gets the honorable guild rewards, it's clear now.
  9. Yes but there are actual active newbies from Xmas Season who joined that guild in order to get the extra reward in the 24 hrs registration NPC who still are active and they are not getting paid or got paid anytime...
  10. I totally support what you're saying. Most of GMs will deny or go against your suggestion because they do not log in the game, I am a SP and I DO log in daily so I see things and I can tell for sure, the honorable guild is "farming" for the very guild leader benefit. The points by week are ridiculous and obviously there are no newbies getting paid or there werent newbies getting paid even in Xmas Season. Maybe this honorable guild is a bad idea since there are no newbie guilds farming for a fair deal from the leader. Since anyone can do Zeph Hunt and Scavenger Hunt in any char I could make a guild and farm in every char of my account as well.
  11. PattyAnn

    Ann's Auto Sonic Blow Guide for SINX in HHH.

    Definitely a Meteor One now, due to the lots of monsters around the arena, but you'll need a tanky build cause they deal a lot of damage.
  12. PattyAnn

    HHH update 2020

    IT's all about HIT, I posted a guide and you need 1630 HIT to dont miss but with the new changes I'lll update my guide soon.
  13. PattyAnn

    WoE Castle Rotation & Treasure Update

    Great, hope woe lives again. BTW I think we definitely need a MVP rotation in guild dungeon, it's been the same for over 6 years ago. Besides the typical useful ones (Thanatos, Kiel, HW, Tao Gunka, LK) we could have some of the Raid Event, Biolab 4 (Stalker/Professor/Champion/Paladin) and some from instances (Nyddhogur, G. Orc, Naght Sieger, hehe just an opinion) inside I guess, think about it while there's no dungeon access yet, is there?
  14. PattyAnn

    Christmas Event [2019] [End]

    Can something be done about HoT Stage 44+ because I was in stage 48 and I was losing time due to I was getting 3+ Dice Coupons so I had to repeat the stage 48 several times until I got 1 or 2 Dice Coupon...
  15. PattyAnn

    Christmas Event [2019] [End]

    Will there be some info about headgear enchantments? I thought they were the same as sleipnir but can we get information about the enchantments available so we can know if stop or keep trying?